My 4-Step Morning

My 4-Step Morning

I have always loved the mornings. I find that there is something so lovely about the feeling of a fresh start that greets you when you wake up for a new day. Recently, I have changed up my morning routine a little and found a 4-step morning that I find sets me up for a good day. So, with that being said, I thought I would share my positive 4-step morning with you in today’s blog post.

STEP 1 - Meditation

I have spoken many-a-time over here on my blog about meditation because it is something that I find really beneficial. I like to meditate first thing in the morning, and I love that, after meditating when I wake up, I often feel calmer throughout the day

STEP 2 - Offline Activity

Something I have been trying to get out of the habit of is checking social media early in the morning. So, recently, what I have been doing is replacing this with an offline activity. This could be reading, journaling or getting some fresh air. Whatever it might be, I really enjoy having this space and time offline in the morning. I might make myself a cup of tea at this stage as well, because I do love a good cup of tea (either lemon or Yorkshire) in the morning whilst doing an offline activity.

STEP 3 - Affirmations and Gratitude

This is one of my favourite aspects of my 4-step morning. After my offline activity, I like to take a moment to write down and read out some positive affirmations, and also to write down 3 things that I am grateful for. Both of these activities are ones that I find to be really beneficial in having a more positive outlook in the day ahead and are a great way of noting down and recognising the good. 

STEP 4 - Daily Goals

The final part of my 4-step morning is to set daily goals. I have written a whole post about the benefits of daily goals that I will leave linked here. I find that not only to does setting two or three goals for the day ahead give me a structure and focus for the day, but I also get a real sense of enjoyment from doing these things throughout the day. The goals can vary from writing blog posts to baking a lemon drizzle loaf to doing a yoga session and, whatever they are, I like to make these goals manageable and positive for the day ahead. 

I have found starting my mornings in this more mindful way really beneficial and this 4-step process has been great in feeling more calm and positive within my days.

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