The Benefits Of Daily Goals

The Benefits Of Daily Goals

Recently I have loved setting daily goals. Over on my Instagram, I start each day by setting around 3 goals that I want to achieve that day. These goals vary from baking cookies to writing blog posts to walking the dogs and, however big or small they may be or seem, setting these goals is something I have found hugely beneficial. Because I have felt such benefits from setting daily goals, I wanted to share the reasons why in a blog post today.


One thing that I have loved so far about setting daily goals is that doing so provides a real structure to my day. I often write my goals in the order I hope to achieve them that day, and this means I organise my day around them. Having these goals to refer back to throughout the day allows my day to take shape with a sense of structure which I find to be really beneficial.


Something I have loved about setting daily goals is the benefits to my mind they have had. Having something to achieve throughout the day gives my mind a focus and allows me to experience the benefits of progress day by day. It is a great feeling to tick off and track goals throughout the day and it gives me a lovely sense of achievement.


What has been great about setting daily goals is that I find myself doing things in my day that I otherwise may not have. For example, one of today’s goals is to start a bullet journal - something I have wanted to do for a while and am finally doing purely as a result of setting daily goals. I have found real enjoyment from setting these daily goals and they have made such a difference to my days.

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