3 Ways I Feel More Organised

3 Ways I Feel More Organised

Happy Monday, I hope you’re having a lovely day so far. I rather like Mondays - they always feel quite fresh and I often spend a little time on Sunday evening/Monday morning planning and organising my days for the week ahead, which I enjoy the process of doing. Feeling more organised in this way is something I find helpful in feeling more calm and so I thought it would be a nice idea today to share with you a few things that help me feel a little more organised.

3 Ways To Feel More Organised
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Bullet Journaling

This is something I am very new to, and already I am seeing such a difference in how it is helping me stay organised (amongst other benefits of journaling). Bullet journaling is great because it allows space for personalised planning, meaning that you can set up a system for organisation that works best for you. I have noticed so many benefits of journaling, and have found this to be one of many. I would 100% recommend and if you want to hear more about my bullet journal, I will leave a recent video of mine here;

Prioritising Your Lists

A piece of advice that has really helped me to feel more organised is to colour-code lists from most important to do that day, right through to less essential tasks that can be done at a later date. This means that your to-do list for that day is often more realistic and gives space for flexibility which I have found to be really helpful when organising my days. What’s also wonderful about to-do lists is the good feeling that comes with ticking off each task as you go. It’s a step of the process that I think is important to remember because it’s great to recognise your achievements throughout the day.

Daily Goals

One key aspect of organisation for me recently has been to set daily goals. Not only do daily goals provide a structure and focus, but they also mean that you can take each day at a time, rather than potentially feeling overwhelmed by a week-long of to-dos. I have been really enjoying setting daily goals, and they help me feel a real sense of organisation for the day ahead.

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