Things To Do Away From A Screen

Things To Do Away From A Screen

Last week I put up an IGTV all about things I love to do for self-care, one of which was a focused task - something to dedicate all of my time and energy to. One thing I love about doing a focused task is that it is more often than not away from a screen. Whilst I love certain aspects of social media (I mean, I have a blog and a YouTube channel haha, and I LOVE creating content on both), there are definitely times where I like to have a little time away from social media. This is something I did on Tuesday, and it has inspired me to write today’s blog post and share some of the little focused tasks I love to do whilst spending time offline. 


Whilst this may seem like an obvious one, it is not something before recently that I spent my spare time doing. I always loved the idea of reading, and occasionally picked up a book that I enjoyed, but it wasn’t a regular hobby in my life. Now however, after being recommended some great books, reading is something I love. Slowly becoming acquainted with a new place and lovely characters with every turn of the page and gradually watching their story unfold throughout the book has become something I love. I’m currently reading The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary, and would definitely recommend that if you, like me, are just getting into reading.

A Jigsaw or a Puzzle

This is the example of a focused task I gave in my IGTV. At the moment, everyone here at home is working on the same jigsaw, each going back to it every now and then and adding a few more pieces together. I love that it has become a team activity and have enjoyed sitting outside whilst the weather has been nice and focusing half an hour or so of my time to the jigsaw.

Going for a walk

I have always loved taking the dogs out with my family to go for a walk. There are so many wonderful things about getting outside and going for a walk. A walk is a lovely way to get out in the fresh air, appreciate what is around us and get a little bit of light exercise. I always feel really refreshed after coming back from a walk and it is definitely one of my top recommendations for something to do away from a screen.


I recently got myself a paint-by-numbers and have been loving spending some time trying something new and getting creative. It has inspired me to want to spend more time having fun with art, whether it be learning to draw something new, painting something colourful or getting another paint-by-numbers.

These are just a few of my recent favourite things to do away from a screen. There are so many more other wonderful ways to spend time offline, and so I'm sure I'll share more at some point and would also love to hear any recommendations in the comments. 

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