Finding My Groove With Content Creation

Finding My Groove With Content Creation

When I started blogging back in March of 2018, I was unsure of what specific topics I wanted to chat about. There was and still is so much I love to talk about and bring awareness to where I can. Along the way, I have spent time figuring out what I really enjoyed writing about the most and the kind of content I wanted to continue making moving forward. Now I feel as though I am starting to find my groove with content creation. 

Before this year, I think when trying to find my niche in the blogging world, I was attempting to find specific topics to write about. However, as I said earlier, there is so much I love to talk about that I found it somewhat difficult to narrow it down to such specifics. So, I decided that what I would focus on is how I would love people to feel when viewing my content and what I hope people can gain from it.

I spent a lot of time recently looking at the content I was making. I went through the list of videos I had uploaded (privated some that didn’t quite fit with what I wanted from my channel) and had a look back at what content I had enjoyed creating the most. I had conversations with my family (who are really great to chat through creative ideas with) and tried to get a picture in my head of how I really wanted people to feel when viewing my content.

So, with all of that in mind, I realised what I wanted my content to be all about:

Positivity and spreading awareness about topics that are important to me

My favourite content to create is content that is either uplifting and makes others feel good or content that hopefully helps somebody reading or watching - or both!

Since deciding for sure that this is exactly the kind of content I love to make and want to continue to create, I really feel as though I have found my groove with blogging and filming videos. I love editing and uploading content that feels good and uplifting. I have brought that same vibe over to my Instagram and have been really enjoying posting on there as well.

My hope for people viewing my content is that they feel good and encouraged whilst watching/reading my posts and that my corner of the internet can provide positivity.

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