My Advice For Productivity When Working From Home

My Advice For Productivity When Working From Home

At the moment, I have been working on some university essays, and have noticed that, when doing this work from home, there are certain things that contribute to a more productive day. I wanted to share them in a post today for anyone who, like me, has work to get done in the coming weeks, and is looking for ways to be more productive.

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The night before

When I am planning on having a productive day, the night before I find it beneficial to write out a manageable and realistic to-do list for the day to come. Doing this the night before means that I can wake up and already know what I would like to achieve that day, which really helps me to feel in a productive mood. It's also great to tick things off your list and see your progress throughout the day.

Getting ready

Something I have found really beneficial in feeling productive is getting dressed and ready for the day. Even if I am getting changed into a really comfy outfit and simply putting my hair up in a bun, getting dressed and ready to do some work helps me have a fresher approach towards it and contributes positively to my productivity that day.

Having a schedule 

A really helpful way to feel productive when working from home is to have a schedule to work to. This will differ from person to person, depending on what best suits each individual. I would recommend having a set start time, taking breaks throughout the day and having a set finish time. This way, you will have a good routine, something that I think is really helpful with productivity. As well as time for work, I think it's equally as important to schedule in time for self-care, which leads me onto my next piece of advice...

Finishing the day with something lovely

I think it's lovely to remember that in a day you can be productive whilst also finding time to do lovely things. So, something that I would recommend is having something you love planned in that makes you feel good. For me this might be baking, watching a cosy programme or spending time with my family. Having these planned in is great for our self-care and also a good motivation to get work done.

I would love to know in the comments; what is your advice for productivity when working from home?

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