A Little Note On... Productivity

A Little Note On... Productivity

As I am writing this post, it is the night before I get given a set of questions for university coursework. Naturally, because of this, the notion of being and staying productive in the coming weeks is on my mind.

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For some people, productivity might bring to mind images of early wake-ups, speedily getting through mountains of work in record time and sitting at a desk all day.

But, for me, I believe productivity requires balance.

Productivity is defined as;
'the state or quality of being productive'

For me, the emphasis is on quality. It's not about the amount of work you can do in a day or the number of tasks you can tick off a weekly to-do list, it's about the quality of what you produce at your own pace and most importantly how you feel and treat yourself through the process of being productive.

It can be tempting when we have lots of work to do to overflow our days unrealistically with tasks we have to do. However, something that I find to be useful is realistic planning - setting out tasks across your week in a manageable and balanced way. Something that can be great with this is colour coding tasks from most important to do that day down to tasks that can be done at a later time. This way you map out your week in terms of what needs to get done when, and how you can best realistically approach this.

Whilst planning, I also always add in time for self-care to make sure that throughout any busy schedule, I know that I am looking after myself and focusing on feeling that sense of calm throughout my days.

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