Stormzy | Inspirational People

Stormzy | Inspirational People

I truly enjoy writing posts for the Inspirational People section of my blog, because it allows me to highlight those who are having a positive impact on and making a difference to those around them. I also love looking into the lives and careers of these people, and often find that the more I read about them, the more I become inspired. Today’s post is no different, as I will be talking about Stormzy. 

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Born on 26th July 1993, Stormzy has had an amazing career so far. From the release of his debut album ‘Gang Signs & Prayers’ in 2017 to his more recent Glastonbury performance to the release of his second album ‘Heavy Is The Head’. His success as an artist and performer so far has been phenomenal and I am genuinely looking forward to seeing where this journey in music takes him. For someone to have passion and drive as well as talent makes them someone who I believe is a great inspiration to those with similar dreams in life.

At the age of 25, Stormzy launched the Stormzy Scholarship, providing two UK black students for the past two years now with financial scholarship to attend Cambridge. and Stormzy recognising talent in young people and being encouraging of the importance of it is amazing. The way Stormzy uses his platform for good is shown clearly here and is another demonstration of not only his brilliance but his ability to recognise and uphold brilliance in others.

Stormzy has also been praised for his support for the community affected by the Grenfell Fire in 2017. Not only has visited the area affected, but he continues to fight for the victims and talks out about the incident across his platforms. This highlights his care for others and, again, his willingness to use his platform for good.

Stormzy is an inspiration to so many people, and rightly so. He speaks on issues of injustice, uses his platform for the good of others and makes music that speaks to people in a way that connects us to one another on a human level. I am grateful to be a part of a generation with such an inspirational musician and human being to look up to. Thank you Stormzy.

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