Sophia and Cinzia | Inspirational People

Sophia and Cinzia | Inspirational People

The inspirational people posts are some of my absolute favourites to write. I love chatting about people who have personally inspired me and sharing and celebrating them in a post. Today’s post is all about Sophia and Cinzia. For those of you who may not be subscribed to their YouTube channel, Sophia and Cinzia are two best friends who create lots of different video from sharing fashion favourites to giving advice to sharing their lives and friendship online. I have followed them for quite a while now, and so wanted to share the different ways they have inspired me and I’m sure many others in today’s post.

Sophia and Cinzia | Inspirational People (picture of Sophia and Cinzia's YouTube channel)
Picture of Sophia and Cinzia's YouTube channel

Following Their Dream

After leaving school, Sophia and Cinzia took a gap year and continued working hard on their YouTube channel. From this point, they grew a following and are now full-time influencers across their social media platforms. I find it completely inspiring that both Sophia and Cinzia believed in themselves and their passions and continued to work hard on the thing that they loved. As someone who absolutely loves blogging and creating content for my YouTube channel, having two hard working businesswomen to look up to is super inspiring.


As I mentioned earlier, Sophia and Cinzia are best friends and it is clear to see that they are true supporters of one another. It is lovely to see two people who are so encouraging of each another and, when watching their videos, I always love how much their friendship shines through the screen. I think it is such a wonderful thing to see two friends flourish alongside and with one another and their friendship always reminds me how grateful I am for similar people in my life.

The Girls Bathroom

The Girls Bathroom is one of my fave creations from Sophia and Cinzia. For those of you who may not be following them, The Girls Bathroom is a podcast, where Sophia and Cinzia share their advice for those who have sent their queries and questions in. It is such an amazing podcast because not only does it for sure help so many people listening, but also it feels like you are chatting away with friends when listening to it. I find it so inspiring that Sophia and Cinzia have found a relatable and fun platform to help their audience. Also, season 3 starts this Wednesday and I can't wait!!

Thank you to both Sophia and Cinzia for being an inspiration to myself and so many others. I am really looking forward to seeing what 2020 has in store for the both of you and to continue following your lovely journey.

I have really enjoyed writing this post today, it is always so lovely to reflect and highlight people who I find inspiring and share them on my blog. As always, let me know in the comments; who inspires you?

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