My Tips For Feeling Motivated at Uni

My Tips For Feeling Motivated at Uni

I love reading blog posts where I can discover new tips about how to feel good, positive and productive when there is work to be done, and so I wanted to write a similar post today. There naturally days where I feel more productive than others at uni, but over time I have come to understand a few things that contribute towards how motivated I am throughout the day, and so I thought I would share things that I have found helpful in today’s post.

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20-minute timer

This is something that I came across in one of Claudia Sulewski’s videos, where she recommended setting a 20-minute timer when you have something to do and to focus your energy solely on that task for the 20 minutes. If the task you’re doing takes longer than 20 minutes, I take the end of the first 20 minutes as a chance to have a break - maybe make myself a lovely cup of tea - and then set a new 20-minute timer. This is something that I love because it can be used for so many different things. Whether you have a work task to do, need to tidy your space or want to prepare your lunch for the following day, the 20-minute timer is really helpful in breaking these tasks down into manageable chunks.

Keep your space tidy and calm

I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying ‘tidy house, tidy mind’. I really do believe there is something to be said for keeping the space around you organised. When my environment is more put-together, I find that I have a clearer focus on what I need to do that day. As well as keeping your space tidy, it is equally as beneficial to create a calmer environment where you work. Whether you light a few candles, play some relaxing music or simply make the space more comfortable with blankets and cushions, having a calm space helps me feel more relaxed and motivated when focusing on my to-do list.

Set out your week on Sunday

This is something that I have started to do more recently and have found really beneficial. When I have a lot of work to do at uni, I often have the thought of ‘I don’t think I have the time to do this’. Something that I have found super helpful in order to settle this worry is to write out a plan for the week on Sunday night. I will put in what work I am going to do when, as well as time for self-care. This way, I can be peaceful in the thought that I will get the work that needs doing done, whilst also prioritising myself and my sense of calm.

Switch up your work environment

One thing that helps me to feel motivated at uni is to switch up where I work. Being in a new environment makes me feel more refreshed and therefore more productive with my work. Whether you are trying out working in a café, at the library or at your kitchen table, switching up where you work can contribute to finding that restored sense of motivation. It is also great in finding the places that you work best in, so that you know where you can feel most productive.

I hope that you find these tips on how to stay motivated at uni helpful, and I would love to know in the comments; what are your top tips for staying motivated?

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