The New Zoella Website Relaunch | A Review

The New Zoella Website Relaunch | A Review

As many of you will know, Zoe Sugg and the Team over at Zoella relaunched the Zoella website on Wednesday. I have been a fan of Zoe and the Zoella brand since I was 13, and have absolutely loved watching the journey over these last 7 years. So, as for many others, the launch was much anticipated and beyond exciting for me. Because I have been talking about the new website offline so much over the past few days, I naturally thought I would bring the conversation over to my blog and chat about all things Zoella.co.uk!!


The first thing I wanted to chat about was the aesthetic. I am someone who loves a redesign over here on my blog, and I always find myself looking online at different templates and ideas. I find something about the aesthetics of blogs - as well as of course the content - super fun and so I was really looking forward to seeing the vibe of the new Zoella website. And I loved it!! It is fresh, has lots of fun features, is colourful and makes you want to explore further. The whole team have done such a fab job with making the website simple and clear to navigate whilst also being dynamic and cool - I love it!!


One thing that I have loved over the past 7 years is seeing how the content Zoe produces flourishes and changes over time and so I was really interested to see what new things would be brought to the website and what would be discussed over at Zoella.co.uk. I think the new content over on the website is fab! It feels like such a team creation which is amazing, and, alongside the great pictures, there are so many topics that are talked about. From book recommendations and reviews from the whole team, to beauty advice, to fun recipes and across to lifestyle, there is so much to explore on the website. I spent the majority of my Wednesday this week with a cup of tea and candles lit catching up on all of the new content and I really loved reading each and every post. What I also love is that there is a new post up each day, which means there are always new and fun things to explore over on the website. I am so looking forward to seeing all of the new posts the team have been working on day by day.

Team work makes the dream work

One of my absolute favourite things about the new Zoella website is that it is clearly a team effort. All of the Zoella team contribute to posts and it is so fun to see different peoples' perspectives on different topics across the website. Over the past few years within Zoe’s vlogs and on the Zoella Instagram account, we have been introduced to all members of the team and I love the continued group involvement over on the website. The positivity and individuality each person brings over to the website is amazing and it is a really fun reminder of what creative minds can produce when they get together. It is also lovely to see the friendships that all members of the team share and this adds an even more warm and welcoming feeling to the website.

Congratulations to Zoe and the whole Zoella team on a fabulous website. It is full of fun, recommendations, tips and advice and so much positivity. It makes me so happy to be a fan of Zoe and all of the Zoella team because being a fan has led me to such a lovely, warm and joyful part of the internet. I have loved following the journey so far and cannot wait to see where it goes.

Thank you so much for creating the website, it truly is a wonderful space to visit everyday.

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