My Goals For November 2019

My Goals For November 2019

With it having just turned November, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity (before it gets too late in the month haha) to write down my goals for the month ahead. This November is looking like it will be quite busy with work, but I also have a few fun things planned and so I wanted my goals to incorporate all of the above as well as a focus on my own well-being.

Use my spare-time well

With the course I am studying at uni (Sociology), there doesn't come a lot of contact hours, leaving quite a bit of spare time in the week. What I want to make sure of this month is that I try my best to use this time well. Whether that be using that time to catch up/get ahead with work, having something nice planned with friends and family or using that time to myself to relax and do things I love, I want to utilise my spare time in a positive way throughout November.

Finally read the books on my list

Like a lot of people, I have books written down and in my head that I want to read but never seem to get round to. This goal goes hand in hand with the goal above in that I want to spend my spare time reading this month. Rather than scrolling on social media in a morning or before I go to bed, I would love to use that time to read. On that note, any books that I love to read will definitely appear on my blog as recommendations - so if you would like to start reading more too, we can do it together!

Take my camera out more

I absolutely love taking photographs, whether that is of people or of my surroundings. It is something that I find quite calming and I love when photography becomes a little focus of my day. I love looking back on pictures and I find that taking my camera out with me encourages me to be that little bit more creative in my day. So, with that being said, I want to pick up my camera more this month. Whatever I happen to be doing with me friends or family, I would love for my camera to capture some of my most fun moments in November.

Branch out when cooking

I am halfway through the term at uni, and what I have discovered is that I am cooking a lot of the same recipes throughout the weeks that pass. What I would love is to become more creative with what I eat and try out different recipes. I love finding new, fun and easy recipes to make whilst I am at uni and I want to push myself more this month to try new things and discover new recipes. This is another thing I will keep you updated on at some stage, either on my blog or over on my YouTube channel.

Continue my love of yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation are two things that I have come to absolutely love in recent months, but particularly since starting university. Uni-life has the potential to be quite busy and overwhelming at times, and so I have found yoga and meditation offer me a really calm, constant and peaceful space within that. This month, I would love to learn more about yoga and mediation and continue practicing  both. They have been so beneficial this far and so I am really looking forward to continuing that journey and learning more about the practices.

I am really looking forward to the month ahead. With setting these goals, I am approaching November with optimism and positivity and I can't wait for what it has in store.

I hope that you are also looking forward to enjoying the month ahead. Let me know in the comments; what are your goals for November 2019?

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