How To Make Your Experience On Social Media More Positive

How To Make Your Experience On Social Media More Positive

As I have mentioned before over here on my blog, I believe that on social media we have control of 3 things;
  • Who we follow
  • What we post
  • The amount of time we spend online
For me, altering each of these 3 things has made my experiences online so much more positive and so I wanted to chat about each of them today on my blog. 

Who we follow

One thing I would recommend for anyone who is trying to improve their experience online is to follow accounts that are positive for you. Making sure you only follow people who's posts make you feel good not only makes social media a more enjoyable space to be, but also means you are viewing less content all together, which in turn means you spend less time scrolling - which is always a good thing!

What we post

Another part of social media we have complete control over is what we post. Before sending a tweet or posting something online, take a moment to re-read and make sure that it reflects a positive and peaceful message. This not only makes the experience of posting something to social media more positive for you, but also contributes to making the online space a better place to be for anyone who follows you. 

The amount of time we spend online 

As many people did, a few months ago I came across my screen time and saw that I spent far more time on social media than I would like to. So, with that being said, I have made a real effort to spend less time online, and it has made a real difference to my experience. It means less time procrastinating, more time engaging with the world around me and also means that I don't spend my spare time scrolling and searching for new content online. It is something that I would highly recommend. 

I would love to know in the comments if you try any of the 3 things above, and how they help your experience online. 

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