Moving to University | My Advice

Moving to University | My Advice

I recently moved into my 2nd year uni home. It was my first time moving out of my family home (I was a commuting student last year) and it definitely has the potential to be a stressful time. Whilst I am gradually feeling more settled at uni, it has for sure come with it's anxious moments . So, for anyone experiencing difficulties moving out or to uni, here are a few little pieces of advice.

1. There are no rules

Do what suits you. It seems to be written somewhere that when you start uni, you have to be there 100% of the time, not go home all term and not call people from home too often. I'm not sure who wrote these rules, but none of them are for me haha! Do what suits you and helps make your transition to uni easier - put yourself first because however you shape your uni experience is absolutely okay.

2. Homesickness is normal

Everyone is in the same boat and most people will probably feel the same as you do if you experience homesickness. It is perfectly okay to miss home when you're away. Take some time for yourself and practice self-care at uni - it is a great help!

3. Make your new space your own

When moving to uni, it is an exciting prospect to think that you have a new room and living space to decorate. Making your new room cosy and homely is a really nice way of feeling comfortable in your new surroundings! Also, mixing the new with the old (i.e. taking decor from home as well as a few new bits), is a great way of making your space your own whilst making it feel homely.

4. Stay true to yourself

What I've learnt about uni is that people want different things out of the experience. Checking in with yourself and knowing what kind of experience you want is a really great thing to do. It means that you are able to stay true to yourself at uni which I find in turn can make for an all-round calmer experience. Whatever uni experience you decide suits you best is absolutely great!

5. Find new recipes and meal plan

Cooking is a part of the experience of moving out that I have really enjoyed so far. It can be a great focus in the first few days and a good way of learning a new skill. I have loved having this to focus on and making the overall cooking experience a lovely one by putting on some music or my fave programmes. Meal planning is also something that I would recommend because it really helps not only with finding new recipes to try but also with budgeting.

6. Check in with yourself

Your mental health is a priority. As I have mentioned, moving has the potential to be a stressful time and so does the uni experience in general. So, making sure that you check in with yourself and your mental health is really important. If you feel you would benefit from speaking to someone at any stage, contacting the university and your GP is a great place to start.

So, these are my top tips for moving to university. If you are about to make the move (or have made the move recently), I hope everything goes well for you.

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