5 Things I've Learnt Since Moving

5 Things I've Learnt Since Moving

As you may know if you read my blog, it has just about been a month since I moved out to go to uni. It is something I had never done before (I was a commuting student in my first year of uni) and it definitely took a few weeks of getting used to. Whenever there is a change in life (however big or small), I believe we learn a lot whether it is about ourselves or about the situation at hand. And so, I wanted to share in today’s blog post 5 things I’ve learnt since moving out. 

Loving Change takes time

I have always found change a little difficult, and so I knew that moving out of my family home had the potential to be an anxious time. The first few weeks were definitely difficult for me, but what I have learnt is that settling in and getting used to a new surrounding takes time and that is okay. It has been a matter of taking each day as it comes and learning to love my new environment over time. Giving myself that time and knowing that it is absolutely okay to feel unsettled has been really helpful.

Cooking is actually fun

It’s true… I have learned to really enjoy cooking. It is a lovely part of the day where I normally put something on my laptop (most likely Gilmore Girls) and take some time over preparing and cooking my dinner. I really love this part of the day, I find it quite relaxing and also fun when trying out new recipes. It’s also a rather social part of the day - there is always someone popping in and out of the kitchen or cooking dinner at the same time as me. I also find it quite satisfying when a recipe comes together, and often look forward to that time of the day.

Talking is helpful

I have been so grateful in my move and at a time of change that I have been able to speak to my family and share how I am feeling - on days where I have been loving the move as well as the days that I have found a little more difficult. I am a strong believer that talking about how we are feeling is so beneficial and important, and it is definitely something that has been a great help to me since moving out. It has also made me super appreciative of my family who have been so lovely and supportive throughout my move.


I have really come to love being organised over the past few weeks. Before I moved, I was probably not the most organised person in the world haha. The great thing about moving is that it kind of forces you into being more organised which I love - I have to plan meals, do laundry, keep my space clean and do uni work too. I have learnt that being organised is so helpful in feeling calm and on track before the day begins - which is great!

Simple things are the best

When I was having difficulty feeling settled at the beginning of my move, I found comfort and fun in the most mundane things. Doing a weekly shop, cooking dinner, going for a walk, watching a TV in the evening - the simplest things were always what helped me feel more settled. I am really appreciative that this move has highlighted to me the joy and fun in the simple things.

Even though the integration of new things in live has always seemed to be something of difficulty for me, it is really nice to be able to reflect on what I can take from new experiences. It makes me realise that the things I can learn from change make it worthwhile.

If you have moved recently or something has changed in your life, let me know in the comments; what have you learnt from this experience?

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