Pre-2nd Year University Thoughts

Pre-2nd Year University Thoughts

As I am writing this post, I have just finished spending the morning packing up my clothes ready to move out in a few days. The start of uni seems to be coming around all of a sudden, and so - before I left to go to uni - I wanted to jot down exactly how I am feeling and just my general thoughts about the year ahead. I did a similar post before I went to uni last year called Pre-University Nerves and so I wanted to make sure that I wrote this post today to be able to look back on but also so that someone may be able to relate to my thoughts before second year.

Moving Out

For those of you who may not know, I was a commuting student in my first year at uni - meaning that I lived at home and would drive into uni each day. This is something that suited me at the time, and now I feel more able and ready to move out of my family home. If you will have ready my recent post Integration Not Change you will know that this is something that I still have some nerves about and so I am seeing the upcoming changes as an integration of exciting things into my life, rather than a life change. I am getting to a point now where I am looking forward to the move, living with friends and learning to be more independent.


With starting a uni year and moving out in particular, I really want to become more independent this year. I want to learn how to cook and how to look after a home and I am really looking forward to gaining these skills throughout my second year. I am also hoping to play some sport this year, and I feel as though planning my time around uni, sport and seeing friends and family will also be a great way of gaining more independence.

Having MY uni experience

Something that I am a keen believer in is that not everybody has to have the same university experience. There are some people who love to go on nights out, some people who love to spend time with their friends throughout the day, some who don't drink, some who do - everyone is different and that is great! What I am going to do throughout second year is to check in with myself more often to see what I truly want to do. I feel as though their is often a perception that university as a whole is a certain way socially, and whilst this aspect of uni does exist, I really believe that you can tailor the experience to suit you. So essentially, this year I am going to be self-aware and just do what I feel like doing and what suits me.

This blog post has essentially just been a little ramble of my thoughts pre-2nd year, but I wanted to make sure I had this post written before I move into my uni home later this week.

If you are starting a new year at university or going into your 1st year, let me know a few of your pre-uni thoughts in the comments. 

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