My Autumn To-Do List

My Autumn To-Do List

I am so excited for Autumn. It is for sure one of my favourite seasons - I am very much a cosy jumper, cup of tea, night-in kind of person and for me that is what Autumn is all about. As I mentioned in a previous post, this time of year always makes me think of back to school and getting organised, and so it is the perfect season for a to-do list! I made a similar list for Spring, and it is really lovely to refer back to throughout the season. So, without further ado, here is my Autumn to-do list.

The Autumn Wardrobe - declutter my wardrobe ready for the colder weather (i.e. get out my big coats and cosy jumpers).

Warm and Cosy Food - switch my meals up from summer salads and platters to warm and homely food. I would love to learn some new cosy recipes this year. 

Bedroom Makeover - make my room lovely and cosy for the colder weather (I'm thinking fairy lights, big blankets and autumnal candles). 

Cosy Nights In - arrange some lovely nights-in with friends and family (movie nights are a must this time of year). 

Bonfire Night Celebrations - one of my ALL TIME favourite nights of the year, I absolutely love bonfire night and can't wait to celebrate this year. 

 Halloween Fun - I want to do all things halloween this year as well, whether that be pumpkin picking/carving, watching some scary movies (even though I am a rom-com kind of person haha - I'll give the scary films a go this year) or doing some halloween-inspired baking. 

Country Walks - I would love to put my hat, gloves, scarf and cosiest coat on this Autumn and go on some lovely country walks with family and friends. 

Autumn Read - Another lovely thing to do on a cosy night in... read a cosy book! I have yet to find my perfect Autumn read this year (any recommendations in the comments would be lovely), but I am for sure going to make an effort to do some reading with a cup of tea in hand this Autumn. 

Like I've said, I absolutely love this time of year, and so am really looking forward to getting round to doing the things on my Autumn to-do list this season! Let me know in the comments; what's on your Autumn to-do list this year?

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