Moving into my 2nd Year Uni Home

Moving into my 2nd Year Uni Home

I am currently sitting in my new uni room, in bed actually - I've just woken up haha, and I thought it would be the perfect time to write this blog post. It is the first morning I am officially waking up in my new uni home, and I wanted to chat through the move I have just made and how I have found everything.

For those of you who don't know, I was a commuting student first year of uni and this year I have decided to move closer to uni with 2 friends. I got the keys to my house earlier this summer, and so before I properly moved in yesterday, I had already spent a few nights here and had moved the majority of my stuff in. 

Moving Nerves

Whilst I have been really looking forward to the move, it is definitely something that has made me nervous. It is something new in my life, and definitely something to get used to.  I am taking the move a day at a time, and even though there are aspects of it that still make me nervous (because I really am a home bird haha), I am confident that with time I will completely settle into my new home. 

The Move

On Saturday, I came down to the uni house with all of my clothes and pretty much moved everything in so that when I moved myself in on Sunday, it felt less daunting and more of an easy transition. So, when Sunday came, my Mum and Dad drove me down to the uni house, helped me move anything else I needed to into the house and stayed for a little while to have a cup of tea and meet Izzy. The drive down here was definitely a nerve-wracking one, but with the help of my Mum and Dad, by the time I got here and moved in, I felt calmer. I really appreciate all of their help with the move. 

First Night

Last night was our first night staying in the new home, and it was so lovely. As I mentioned, my Mum and Dad came to the house with me and had a cup of tea and a chat which was so good! Tansi came over to stay and her, Izzy and I all had a lovely evening in. We made fajitas, watched TOWIE and chatted all night. It was a really great way to introduce ourselves into the new home. 

So, now I am officially moved in. I will definitely keep you updated over here on my blog all about how I find moving out. A year ago, I wouldn't have considered moving out of my family home, and so I am proud of myself for taking this step. Like I said, I am taking the move one step at a time and trying to make the move an integration of something new into my life, rather than seeing it as a huge change. 

I will write a blog post soon with all my advice for moving into a uni home! But before then, let me know in the comments; do you have any advice for someone moving to university?

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