Being A Smaller Blogger and How To Support

Being A Smaller Blogger and How To Support

A few weeks ago, I sent out a tweet about being a smaller blogger:
‘Sometimes it is difficult being a smaller blogger. I really love blogging, so it can be sad when you put so much effort into posts and get no feedback! I love the interaction side of blogging and YouTube so to miss out on it can sometimes be a shame!’

I ended the tweet by asking if anyone else felt like this sometimes and was reassured by the response. All of those who replied connected to feeling similarly to me, and that has inspired me to write this post. There is a whole community out there of smaller content creators. As I said in my tweet, I absolutely love blogging, but it can definitely be difficult being a smaller content creator. There can be slow growth, little feedback and the potential of comparison to contend with.

That’s why I think it’s so important to blog for your own love of blogging, because the growth of you blog isn’t going to happen overnight. Making sure that you really enjoy the art of blogging, you are writing about what you love and also having patience are great ways to settle the potential frustration that can come with being a smaller content creator.

Whilst making the potential difficulties of being a smaller blogger known, I don’t want to focus on this side of things. I want this post to be a point of encouragement to support those in the community of the smaller content creators. There are so many smaller influencers out there with the most amazing content; beautiful pictures, fun videos and fab writing. So, I wanted to jot down ways to support those in the community with a smaller following. These are things that I aim to do myself in the future and would encourage others to do as well.


It is very easy to find influencers with a large following. They often just seem to fall into your home page on YouTube or appear on your twitter timeline - which is great. With smaller bloggers and creators, this isn't always the case, and so I would encourage looking out for new blogs and finding those who you can support with a smaller following. There are amazing accounts on twitter who retweet bloggers and create a real community (@BloggerLoveShare, @allthoseblogs, @BloggersTribe to name a few) that are a really good place to start to find new bloggers to follow.

Connect and Support

A great thing to do when discovering smaller bloggers is to let them know you love their content. Comment, like, share and send a message to say you like their content. As a smaller blogger, one message of support can go a long way, so I would really encourage you to not only follow but to interact with smaller content creators as well. 

Let others know

If you have found a smaller blogger that you love, let other people know. Tell your friends, share their posts and spread the word. This kind of support is always lovely to see and can really help those with a smaller following.

As I have mentioned above, I would love this blog post to be a point of encouragement to support the smaller blogging community. So, let me know in the comments who are your favourite bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers with a smaller following?

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