Give Yourself A Break

Give Yourself A Break

This title has a few angles to it. Whether it is letting go of the pressure you put on yourself or taking a day off from your busy schedule and focusing more on self-care, it is really important to give yourself a break.

Let’s start with pressure. In this day and age, self-criticism is a state of mind very easy to fall into. Scrolling through social media for one is a real catalyst for insecurity and doubt which can lead to putting pressure on ourselves to live an ideal life. This is something I have really been trying to change within myself recently. Alleviating the pressure that we put on ourselves - whether that be socially, online or otherwise - can be so helpful in feeling more confident and content within ourselves. It is definitely something that I am still working on and am for sure not 100% there yet, but I wanted to share a few things that have helped me;


Yes, that button does exist - it took me a while to find it too haha! It is completely okay to unfollow people who don’t bring you positivity. It has 100% changed my experience online and made it a much more encouraging place to be. It has taken comparison out of the equation which in turn lifts the pressure that comes with it. ALSO, there are so many amazing accounts out there, so finding these to follow instead is great.


Giving yourself a pat on the back for reaching goals - however big or small - is so important. I usually make monthly goals for myself and making sure I acknowledge when I reach them is a huge part of the process. What I find is that through noticing the good in myself, I am in turn able to take the pressure off by realising that I am doing okay. This is a really good way of being able to reason with any doubt that may trickle in by being able to focus on and celebrate both the big and little achievements within my days.


One thing that can be easy to do when we are putting pressure upon ourselves is viewing ourselves in a negative light. The way we speak to ourselves matters, and so giving ourselves time to reflect on our day and shine a positive light on ourselves is so important. I would suggest taking 5 minutes at the end of the day to sit down and write 5 positive things about yourself. Whether it be a general point about yourself or something specific from that day, writing 5 things down is a great way of recognising the good within ourselves and giving time to focus on and celebrate that.

So, now that we have focused on alleviating the pressure that we put on ourselves, another thing that comes hand in hand with the title of this post is physically giving ourselves a break and focusing on self-care. I have mentioned before on my blog that we can often be so good at planning in time for productive tasks within our day-to-day lives, but often forget to schedule in time to focus on ourselves. This can lead to our calendar becoming increasingly busy, whilst at the same time result in a slight neglect of how we are feeling. For me, planning in time to focus on ourselves and do the things we love is more important than anything else.

Self-care can mean different things to different people. The way I see self-care is simply doing the things that you love and that bring you a sense of calm and happiness. Meditating, watching my favourite TV programme, going for a walk, having a pamper evening, spending time with family and friends, volunteering, learning a new skill. These are all examples of things that I love to do when focusing on self-care. Essentially finding the things you love to do and scheduling them in is a fab way of making sure that you give yourself a break within your day-to-day life.

Giving yourself a break is so important. Whether it be taking internal pressure we place upon ourselves away or scheduling in time to look after ourselves, giving ourselves a break allows us to feel a stronger sense of calm and contentment. So, plan in time for self-care, unfollow accounts that aren’t uplifting, recognise your achievements and celebrate yourself. Giving yourself a break.

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