Stafford Galli | Conisbrough Festival 2019

Stafford Galli | Conisbrough Festival 2019

I am lucky enough to have been listening to Stafford Galli for my whole life. My Uncle Martin is the singer/songwriter of the band, and so at every family occasion growing up, my Uncle usually got out his guitar and played some Stafford Galli songs. So, when I found out they were headlining Conisbrough Festival 2019 to celebrate 25 years since the release of their first album,  I couldn't wait to see them together as a band again!

On Saturday, we headed down to Conisbrough Festival as a family and I had the most lovely and fun day! As soon as Stafford Galli started performing, you knew it was going to be fab! The original line-up hadn't been together since 1999 (the year I was born), and so I had never seen the original band live, and they were absolutely amazing. As I've mentioned, I have always loved the songs and the music from listening to the CDs in the car growing up, and so to see them live was so exciting!

Stafford Galli played through their whole first album from start to finish - with a few extra bonus songs at the end! Every song was amazing, and it was great to see the music come to life even more on stage. I have quite a few favourite songs from the album (aka all of it haha), but since the festival I haven't been able to stop listening to Out Of Your Mind. It was the first song played, and it makes me so happy to listen to. It was so fun to see all my family and the rest of the crowd dancing and singing along - such good vibes!

I loved spending the day with my family and am so glad we were all able to see the band live together. My cousin's son even got up on stage which was one of my favourite parts of the evening. Watching Stafford Galli live was so much fun and I have had the album on replay since leaving the festival. Thank you to the band for such a fun show! You can find the album over on Spotify.

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