Emily Coxhead | Inspirational People

Emily Coxhead | Inspirational People

This morning, I had what I like to call ‘a social media detox’. I unfollowed those accounts that didn’t make me feel positive and I have already found it so refreshing. 2 accounts that I knew for sure I was going to continue following were both Emily Coxhead’s personal Instagram and her Instagram for The Happy Newspaper. Emily Coxhead is of huge inspiration to me and this was highlighted earlier today, when I found myself looking through her Instagrams and realised the positivity she brings me (and I am sure many others). 

For those of you who may not have come across Emily Coxhead before, I wanted to share a bit about her in today’s post. After becoming aware of the negativity brought to her by other news-forms, Emily founded The Happy Newspaper - described as ‘a platform to share positive news and wonderful people’. It essentially does what is says on the tin (is that the saying haha - can’t be sure)… It spreads happy news and reports on the good in the world.

This is of such inspiration to me. On a smaller scale over here on my blog, I try my best to create a positive space for people to come to, and so to have someone such as Emily to look to, who has formed such a lovely and uplifting platform, is amazing. I love that every story reported is positive because it means that great and inspiring people who may not have been given the credit they deserve are recognised for their amazing stories. 

What I also find so inspirational about Emily Coxhead is her ability to be positive online as well as within the newspaper. As I have mentioned, both of Emily Coxhead’s Instagram accounts are two that I knew instantly I would continue to follow because they are so fun, positive and real. Each post is filled with such loveliness and both accounts are 2 of my absolute favourites on Instagram! Particularly the Insta-Stories on Emily Coxhead’s personal account - they always make me LOL and give me a good giggle (check out her highlight called ‘lol’ because it is honestly hilarious).

Emily Coxhead’s positivity has and will always continue to inspire me. I find her so lovely to follow online and I absolutely love finding such positive spaces to be on social media. The way she extends her positivity into the life of others through The Happy Newspaper is completely and utterly inspiring and I am beyond glad that I found her as someone to follow online.

Thank you for the positivity you bring to myself and thousands of others. You really are a true inspiration to me.

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