My First Year At University

My First Year At University

I can’t believe I have officially finished my first year at uni! I know everybody says it, but it really has gone so fast haha! I wanted to share my thoughts on my first year of uni in a blog post today because I wanted to have my immediate thoughts after finishing written down to look back on. I wrote a similar blog post just before starting university called ‘Pre-University Nerves’ that I read again the other day, and it was so interesting look back on how each stage of my university experiences has gone. So, I thought I would write down everything about my year as a university fresher.


For those of you who don’t know, in my first year at uni I was a commuting student. I saved up to get myself a car before uni started and drove there and back each day. Commuting is something I knew I wanted to do for my first year of uni, but before starting was definitely a little nervous as I didn’t want it to cause a disconnect between myself and uni-life. I have to say; in my experience it made the beginning of uni a little bit difficult. I felt as though everyone was spending so much more time with each other than I got to, and it was a little hard to feel as though I was involved. However, it’s probably fair to say that I didn’t push myself to get completely involved at the start, so if you are thinking of commuting don’t let my experience with the first week or so worry you - it is definitely possible to be a part of uni life if you want to be. After the first few weeks, I really found my feet as a commuter and started to meet some lovely people. Commuting definitely suited me in first year, and if you don’t want to move out or it is not a possibility for you to do so, I would say that commuting has been ideal for me in first year, and as long as you push yourself to get involved (which I started to do after the first few weeks), you can have a FAB uni experience as a commuter.

Making Friends

I feel so lucky that I have met such lovely people at uni. Pretty much all the friends I have made at uni are from my course, which has been great because it means that we ended up spending a lot of time together throughout the week. I feel very grateful to have met some fab people throughout my first year at uni. I know that before starting uni, I was nervous that, particularly as a commuter, I would find it difficult to make friends. For anyone who is feeling this, know that there are so many opportunities to meet people at uni. There are so many societies, sports teams and socials (both in the day and at night), and so if you join in with something that you really enjoy, you are more than likely to meet people with similar interests. Also, don’t worry about making friends straight away. I’m sure many found in their first year, you meet people all year round and there are some people I didn’t properly meet until a few months in who are now my good friends. Making friends can be something that a lot of people worry about before starting uni, but if you give it time and get involved with what interests you in uni, you are more than likely to meet some great people.

Workload and balancing blogging

I remember in my first few months at uni, the change of pace in going from being on a gap year to being back in education took a little time to adjust to. I missed a few blog posts and found it difficult to get all my reading done, and it took a bit of time for me to sort a system where I felt organised with uni work, whilst being able to spend time doing what I love in blogging and filming videos for my YouTube channel. At the start, it was definitely frustrating, but like any change in pace, it takes a month or so to get used to a new system and way of being organised. After the first few months, I found my feet and was able to balance the workload at uni with my favourite hobbies. It definitely took me a moment to figure out my routine, but I am happy that I was able to fit my blogging and YouTube channel around my Sociology degree.

Onto 2nd Year…

Second year is going to be a slightly different experience for me than first year as I am moving out to live near uni. This is something I had planned to do from the start of my course, to ease my way into leaving home and taking the university experience at my own pace. I am looking forward to moving out, and I will keep you updated on my second-year experience as it happens over here on my blog. Also, in second year I have more choice over the modules I study. Whilst I did like my course to a certain extent in first year, I think I will much prefer it in second year where I can have some control over what I learn and pick topics that really interest me.

So, first year of uni done. This has turned out to be quite a long blog post haha, but I wanted to make sure to get pretty much everything down about my first year at uni and the experience I had as a commuting student.

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