Music Monthly Favourites | June 2019

Music Monthly Favourites | June 2019

It's music monthly favourites time again! Like I always say in these posts, I really love sitting down and looking back on the music I have listened to throughout the month. This month has been pretty chilled since exams are finished, and so I have had a lot of chance to discover some new songs.

Zebra - Beach House 

This month, I watch the new Liam Gallagher film As It Was - which I would 100% recommend. Such an interesting documentary-style film and I am a big fan of the Gallagher's such it is always interesting to hear more about Liam's story. Anyway, this song was played in the documentary and like lots of the songs that are in these monthly favourites, I quickly googled it and added to my playlist. It's a really nice chilled song and I have loved listening to it throughout June.

A Million Love Songs - Take That

Another documentary I watched this month was When Corden Met Barlow all about Gary Barlow. In the programme, Gary Barlow surprised a wedding couple by singing A Million Love Songs, and it was such a throwback! I love this song, and it's always nice to rediscover old music.

The Bitch Is Back - Elton John

As I'm writing this post, I'm realising that a lot of music I have been listening to has been from things I have watched haha! This is no different. I went to go and see Rocketman in the cinema - which for those of you who might not know it a film all about Elton John and his life/career. The Bitch Is Back is a song that I had heard before but never properly listened too. When it was played in the film I really enjoyed it, and have been listening to it quite a bit since.

Bounce Back - Little Mix

This song came out in June, and it is such a good one! I just really love the melody and it is so upbeat and fun. I added it to my gym playlist because it is such a fun song haha! I love Little Mix's music, and this song was no different. Since the song came out and the video was released, I have been listening to this song pretty much everyday.

Rich Girl - Daryl Hall and John Oates

Unlike most of the songs I mention in these music monthly favourites, I actually can't quite remember why I started listening to this throughout June. I think I must have been listening to some of their other music and stumbled across this song. I have definitely heard it before because it sounded familiar. I really like this song because, again, it is upbeat and fun and I think their voices sound great on it.

So, that is it for this months music favourites. As always, I would love to know in the comments; what music have you been loving recently? 

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