Alice Audley | Inspirational People

Alice Audley | Inspirational People

Last July, I was lucky enough to meet Alice Audley, and spend a morning chatting all things blog-related when I took part in the ‘Meet The Subscribers’ series on Blogosphere Magazine’s YouTube channel. Having been a fan of the magazine since Zoe Sugg appeared on the cover in 2016, I was excited and slightly nervous to travel to London and see the behind the scenes of the magazine, meet the team and spend the morning with the magazines’ Founder and CEO, Alice Audley. Any nerves that I had about the occasion were immediately settled when I was greeted with warmth and a hug from Alice. I wanted to include Alice in my Inspirational People section of my blog because she showed me such kindness and support in just a few hours and she is a very successful business woman - which is of such inspiration to me!

Alice Audley started her blog The Audley Chronicle in 2012 which led her to a job at the Daily Telegraph. Since then she has gone on to build Blogosphere Magazine - my all-time favourite magazine! It is full of advice, interviews and beautiful photography and features loads of content creators - both macro and micro (which I LOVE)! It feels like a central point of which the whole of the blogging community can relate to and be inspired by, and the idea behind the magazine all came from the innovation of its founder Alice Audley! To be the CEO of such a great platform that encompasses each member of one giant community is a pretty phenomenal thing!

As well as this, Blogosphere Magazine has ventured out into its Serious Influence podcast, amazing and inclusive events (such as the Blogosphere Awards - did you see this year’s? Wasn’t it amazing!?) and its Blogosphere Chats on a Sunday evening - to name a few of it’s fab aspects. For Alice to have created such an amazing platform is hugely inspirational to me. Not only does this show her clear talent as a business woman, but also her consideration and kindness through her efforts to make the Magazine positive and inclusive. I look forward to every aspect of the magazine, from the cover reveal to it’s release (like I’m sure many do), and so I am very grateful that Alice Audley has founded such a positive platform.

When I spent the morning at the office, I really felt the warm and welcoming environment from all members of the team. They all seemed to really enjoy working together and the office felt like such a lovely place to be. I think that in a working environment, the vibe of the job is often set by the boss, and so for Alice as CEO to have created such a positive working environment is amazing. The whole team were so lovely that morning, and it was clear that they all love working as part of Blogosphere Magazine.

So, as you can see, there are many reasons as to why I had to include Alice Audley in the Inspirational People section of my blog. A supporter of the whole blogging community (no matter how big your platform may be), an amazing business woman, a kind, creative and lovely person who is undoubtedly an inspiration to many, including myself!

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