A Letter To My Younger Self

A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear me,

You are currently 14 and just about to finish your third year at secondary school. This is your future 20-year-old self, and I want to share a few pieces of advice with you.

Firstly, just go for it. At 14, it's been a year since you started to fall in love with the world of YouTube and blogging. Your favourite YouTuber is Zoe Sugg and trust me, this doesn't change. At 20, you still watch her videos and love them as much, and she will be a constant inspiration for you through your teenage years.  My first piece of advice is don't put it off. Just starting writing blog posts and filming videos. You will find that this is one of your favourite things to do and it will become one of your most loved hobbies. Don't be afraid or embarrassed to tell people about it - you have lovely and supportive people around you, so don't shy away from talking about the things you love.

Be yourself. In the next few years, there will be times where you feel pressure to fit in with people and it may take some time to realise that things are more fun when you are completely yourself. With social media, you may feel pressure from likes, comments and shares in the next few years. My advice? Don't. Rather than focusing on the opinions of others, focus and work on your positive view of yourself. Be yourself and know that things are better this way.

On a similar note, embrace your skin. I know that, at 14, your acne is a real frustration for you. Even though I know it can be hard at times, try your best to embrace your skin as it is right now. Know that it does improve in the future and try not to let it dictate your mood so much. Believe me when I say, no-one is focused on your skin when they are talking to you. You are more than your acne.

My next piece of advice? It's okay not to have a plan. When looking to your options after school, there will be many moments where you feel upset or down about the uncertainty of life following school. Uni or no uni will become a constant confused question, and it will take you a little bit of time to decide what bests suits you. Let's face it, we can be pretty indecisive... (sidetone, always look at the menu before you get to the restaurant, it makes things easier - trust me). But don't let this indecisiveness worry you. Everything will work itself out the way it's supposed to. It's also absolutely fine to feel unsure of your long-term plan. Most people are, and what I've learnt is that sometimes it's okay not to have a complete plan for the next 10 years.

Enjoy the next few years. Spend time having fun with people around you, watch all the movies, listen to all the songs and keep playing the guitar. The last day of school will be one of your favourite days, and even though you will feel ready to leave, appreciate it whilst you are there because school turns out to be a lovely few years, especially sixth form. Enjoy your teenage years, live in the moment and have fun.

Your family will always be your favourite people. You don't need me to tell you that you can speak to them about everything and you will always be close. You will go to many a family party and love the weekends you spend together with your extended family. Your family will continue to be the best and most fun people to have around and, speaking about being yourself, you are guaranteed to feel like this when you are around out family.

So, younger self, enjoy the next few years. Even though there may be times of uncertainty and nerves, know that everything will work itself out, so try to live in the moment and spend time having fun!

Lots of love,
Your 20-year-old self

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