Poppy Deyes | Inspirational People

Poppy Deyes | Inspirational People

Poppy Deyes is someone who is very inspiring to me, particularly as I have a blog. She is hardworking, creative and seems like such a lovely person. I wanted to include Poppy in the new Inspirational People section of the blog because she is someone I look up to both as an influencer and as a person.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar, Poppy Deyes is a FAB blogger who lives in Brighton. Poppy had studied Fine Art at Kingston University and lived in London before moving back to her hometown of Brighton a year later and pursuing her blogging career. This makes up point one of why I find Poppy Deyes so inspirational - she stuck to her passions and shaped a life to suit her. To have the confidence to not only move cities back to where suited her, but to follow her love of blogging is something of real inspiration to me.

Poppy's blog is one of my favourites and discusses lots of different things; whether that be a diary of Poppy's life, travel, self-love or food, Poppy covers lots of life based topics over on her blog. Self-Love month earlier this year was one of my favourites over on the blog. Poppy set aside the whole of the month to chat about things that make her feel good about herself, her home and her life . This kind of positive content is something that is consistent throughout Poppy's blog and it inspires me to continue to create content that not only makes myself but others feel good too!

Her recent redesign of her blog really shows her creativity. Her new design is so fun and reflects not only her personality but also her passion for the blogging business she has created for herself. When you visit Poppy's blog it is clear that she is very talented at what she does; from her photography, to her writing style (which really gives you a sense of her personality).

As someone who is so passionate about and loves blogging, to have a strong and positive business woman to look up to is completely inspiring to me and so I wanted to make sure to include Poppy Deyes in the Inspirational People section of my blog.

P.S. After I wrote this blog post, Poppy Deyes has won the Lifestyle Blogger Awards at the Blogosphere Awards 2019 - just another reason she is such an inspirational blogger and business woman! 

Poppy's blog: http://www.poppydeyes.com

I would love to know in the comments; who inspires you?

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