My Ultimate Cosy Programme Guide

My Ultimate Cosy Programme Guide

Cosy TV is my all-time favourite to watch. Finding a programme that is so relaxing and just all-round lovely to watch is always great. I wanted to write down in a blog post my ultimate guide to cosy TV, because there are definitely a few that are my favourites. So, essentially this is my top 5 cosy TV programme recommendations.

Gilmore Girls

I don’t think I could have a list of cosy TV programmes and not include Gilmore Girls (I’m actually watching it as I write this haha). Gilmore Girls is based around the relationship of a young mother and her 16-year-old daughter, who have a close and lovely bond. They live in a small town called Stars Hollow and the programme essentially follows there live. Ultimate cosy vibes!!

This Is Us

This is up there with one of my all-time favourite programmes, probably my favourite. It is hard to explain what This Is Us is about without spoiling the first episode, which really explains how the programme will work. Basically, it is based around life and family and is the loveliest programme. The writing is fab, you’ll absolutely love all the characters and the cast themselves are really lovely. 100% one of my top recommendations.

Great British Bake Off

For everyone who has seen GBBO, you will know that it gives you ultimate cosy vibes. For those who haven’t watched it yet, it is a baking show with new contestants each year and a winner chosen at the end. It is a really lovely programme, even the setting and the decoration of the tent is really cosy.


Friends is a really cosy programme for me because it is one that I have watched since I can remember. It is based around 6 friends who live in New York and follows their lives - and is so funny! Friends is a programme that we put one often when we sit down as a family because it is one that everyone loves.

The Crown

Another programme that I love to watch is The Crown. The Crown follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II from the very beginning and is amazing. The programme feels very cinematic and I absolutely love every episode. It is very insightful and interesting to watch and learn more about the Royals (if you know me you know I am a huge fan of the royals)!! 100% another top recommendation - I am really looking forward to the new series.

So, they are my top 5 cosy programmes to watch - I love them all! I would love to know in the comments; what are your favourite cosy shows to watch?

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