My Goals For May 2019

My Goals For May 2019

It is monthly goal time, and ahead of each month before setting my goals, I always look to what I have coming up in May. May looks like it is going to be quite a busy month. It is exam season and so that is going to take up a lot of my time throughout May. So, a few of my goals are going to be based on exam season for the month ahead. May is also my birthday month and a time that I always link with the weather getting warmer, which I love! So, here are my goals for May 2019.

Have a Calm Exam Season

Exam season has the potential to be quite a stressful time for everyone taking exams. I personally haven’t sat an exam since my A Levels, which is early 2 years ago now, and so one of my main aims this month is to try and deal with potential exam stress as best as I can and remain calm throughout the month. I have 4 exams and luckily get given the questions 2 weeks before the exam, which definitely take off the pressure of the unknown. So, I am hoping to stay relaxed throughout May and make exam season as calm as it can be. (Also, good luck to anyone else sitting exams soon!)

Time Management & Balance

With my exams, blogging, my YouTube channel and the new podcast with Tansi and Izzy, there are quite a few things to juggle throughout the month. So, a goal of mine for May 2019 is to have good time management and plan ahead so that I can balance everything. Exams of course have to take priority, but I absolutely love my Blog and YouTube channel - they are my passions - and so I want to make sure I make time for them throughout the month. I hope to plan ahead, write posts and film videos in advance so that when my starts I am more organised.

The Blog Weekly Update Email

This is something I am hoping to start throughout May but might not realistically start until June (but fingers crossed for May)! I am hoping to send out a weekly update to all those who are on my email list on my blog. This will include an update of not only what I have been up to that week, but also all the content that has been uploaded - from the podcast, to my Blog to my YouTube channel. I am REALLY looking forward to this, and so hopefully will be able to start this throughout May. If you would like to receive this update, then join the community on my blog with your email - head to the homepage to find where to sign up!

So, they are all my goals throughout May. Like I said, May is looking like quite a busy month haha, but I am really looking forward to hopefully achieving these goals throughout the month.

Let me know in the comments; what are your goals for May 2019?

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