Dealing With Exam Stress

Dealing With Exam Stress

Exams season is here, which for a lot of people can be a stressful time. For those of you who don’t know, I am about to sit my first-year university exams and so I have previously been through several exam seasons with GCSEs and A Levels. It definitely has the potential to be a nerve-wracking time, and so I wanted to share my tips today on how to deal with exam stress. It is something that can affect us all and so, from my experience, I wanted to share the things that have helped me to remain as calm as I can throughout exam seasons in the past.

Plan in Time for Self-Care

I believe self-care is so important to do within our daily lives, and during exam season this is no different. Whatever self-care means to you, whether that’s a pamper evening, time with family/friends or going to the cinema, planning these things in everyday can really help to reduce stress during exam season. A lot of people create revision plans, so whilst you are doing this it is great to add in time for self-care within your schedule so that you ensure you look after yourself throughout exam season. Also, when you are taking these breaks, don’t feel guilty!! Thoroughly enjoy your time to rest - you deserve it during revision time!!

Your Environment

For me, having a clean and calm working environment is so helpful in not only being more productive but also reducing stress. Now, I’m not saying to spend all your time tidying around haha, but just generally keeping on top of your space can be a really great thing. As well as making your space clean, also making it calm with candles and lovely light can be a great way of creating a relaxing working environment, which is a great way of reducing stress and feeling at ease during exam season. I know a lot of people work in the library or at school, and if this is the case this environment can still be made nice and calm - for example bringing a cup of tea with you or your favourite notebook.


Sleep is something that I find is so important during times such as exam season. Getting enough sleep again not only means that I am more productive but also more likely to feel calm. Through exams, it can be quite difficult to actually get to sleep as our minds can be busy and full of revision. Something that I would 100% recommend is guided meditation apps such as Headspace, Calm and Insight Timer - all of which have a sleep section specifically to help you fall asleep. Things like this can really help improve your night’s sleep which I believe in turn can help eliminate stress.

Something to look forward to

During exam season, I can often find myself fixated on exams and revision, without considering that exam season will soon be over. One thing that I have found to be really helpful is to plan something in after exams to look forward to. This is great because it allows your focus to be shifted from the potential stress of exams to the excitement of what will come soon after (whether it be a day out with your friends, a mini break away somewhere or going to the cinema to see the latest film that is out). What is also fab about planning something like this in is that it can act as a reward for the hard work that goes into revision and exam season. It can be a celebration of what you have achieved which I think is great as it is always important to recognise your achievements.

So, they are my top pieces of advice for dealing with exam stress. Good luck if you are sitting exams soon and remember to look after yourself and your mind during exam season.

Let me know in the comments; what helps you to deal with exam stress?

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