Yorkshire Lavender - My New Calm Space

Yorkshire Lavender - My New Calm Space

On Monday, Tansi and I were out and about taking blog and Instagram pictures whilst it was lovely and warm outside. We hadn't planned where we were taking pictures that day, but after having taken a few near Castle Howard, we went for a drive to see if we could find anywhere else. Both of us spotted a sign for Yorkshire Lavender and decided that it sounded nice and we should go and see what it was like. When we got there we both instantly LOVED it and felt so calm and at peace (Tansi even described it as a magical kingdom haha)!

When I was thinking about how I was going to explain what Yorkshire Lavender was like in a blog post today, I realised that it would be quite difficult to put into words just how lovely it is. Luckily, both Tansi and I made sure to take lots of pictures whilst we were there of the surroundings and so I will include them in this post.

The first thing we both noticed as we got there was the view - it was amazing!! We walked in through a little shop full of lavender goods (everything from gins to soaps) and I think that's what gave us an instant feeling of calm. I have always found lavender a really calm smell and so to be in space full of lavender was lovely. There was also a sign that said 'stress free zone' and all the staff were so kind and relaxed, which made the vibe even more calm - I LOVED it!

As we walked out of the shop, there was a gorgeous garden which grew lavender and other plants. You are able to get involved if you want to, with helping in the garden and weeding - which I think is a really lovely touch to the experience. As we walked round the garden, we found lots of different sections and also some lovely blue features like a huge fence, a bench to sit down and appreciate the view and some large musical notes. The garden opens up onto more land that is filled with lavender and more blue features, including lots of different benches to sit on and enjoy the surroundings. Yorkshire Lavender also sign-posts where the best views are which I think is such a great addition. I also think there is a café there.

As I have said, its hard to describe just how lovely Yorkshire Lavender is. I felt instantly calm and walking around the garden made me feel so relaxed. There is such a wonderful vibe and the staff are so lovely. Both Tansi and I absolutely LOVED Yorkshire Lavender and it is a place I will be visiting many times. If you are in the area and looking for a peaceful space where you can really appreciate the views of Yorkshire, I couldn't recommend Yorkshire Lavender more. It really is my new calm and happy space.

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