My Revision Outfit

My Revision Outfit

Recently, I have started revision for my summer exams.
As a bit of a side point it feels so weird to be taking exams again after my gap year, it has definitely taken me a minute or two to get into the swing of things again. Now that I have started revision, I have realised that having an outfit to put on that is comfortable and different from my pyjamas haha really makes a difference in terms of how productive I am. Getting up and getting ready definitely helps me be a little more motivated, and so I thought I would share my staple revision outfit in todays post.

The joggers are from Missguided and I would 100% recommend. They are so comfy and easy to wear. I had wanted a pair of grey joggers for ages, and I feel as though these are the perfect ones for me. I like to wear these with the leg rolled up at the bottom.

The top I wear changes but is often a cropped jumper. The cropped style works better with this pair of joggers and also, I like to be quite cosy when I am revising, so making it a cropped jumper was the perfect fit.

These trainers are new and wearing these definitely depends on whether you are going out to revise or not. I often go to the library, so when I do, I wear these trainers from Boohoo because again they are comfy and easy to slip on. I also like the colour of them because I think the white goes quite nicely with the grey joggers.

The coat again depends on whether you are going out and about to revise. This coat is from Boohoo and was such a good purchase for me. I wear it all the time and it is particularly hand to throw on over a comfy outfit to bring it all together.

So, essentially that is the kind of outfit I have been wearing to revise recently. As you’ve probably guessed, comfort is key to me and this outfit ticks that box.

I would love to know; what does your revision outfit look like?

- Joggers
- Trainers
- Coat

Eve Martha

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