Songs From My Childhood (Part 2)

Songs From My Childhood (Part 2)

Last month I wrote a 'Part 1' to this blog post, and I really enjoyed looking back at old music that I loved growing up.
I thought I would do the same today, and look back and songs from my childhood. There are so many songs I loved to listen to when I was younger. I have quite a big extended family and everyone has always loved music, meaning that I have listened to a real mix of songs growing up. So, I thought I would share in a blog posts some of my favourite songs from my childhood and take a trip down memory lane (for the 2nd time).

Don't Think Twice, It's Alright - Bob Dylan

I absolutely love Bob Dylan and I feel as though he will always be one of my favourites to listen to. I think this is the first Bob Dylan song that I ever listened to, and I loved it. I feel as though this is a songs that was always played; whether that be in the car, at family parties or on my iPod. This is for sure one of my favourite songs from growing up.

Uptown Girl - Westlife

When I was younger, we used to have a DVD version of the CD 'Now 64' that we used to watch all the time. There are so many songs from the DVD that remind me of my childhood, and this is the same. I can remember the video to this so clearly, and it was for sure one of my favourite songs from the CD and from growing up.

That's Amore - Dean Martin

This song has quite a few memories for me, and so it always reminds me of growing up. Me and my brother sometimes used to listen to this on the way to school when he drove us in, and it used to always make me laugh that it was our song of choice most mornings - I think we might have had the CD in the car.

5 Colours in her Hair - McFly

Anyone who is around my age will have probably have grown up listening to a lot of McFly. I remember my sister also loved them and this song was one of my faves (as well as It's all about you). I used to love listening to this, and this is another one where I can remember the music video when I listen to the song.

Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Andy Williams

My Mum has always loved this song and growing up we went to many a family party where this song was played. I loved when this song was played with my family, and still love that we listen to it now. It is definitely one of my faves from my childhood.

Pon de Replay - Rihanna

If anyone has seen the Bring it On film that Rihanna was in, then you will know that this was the song that they all danced to, and I think Rihanna might have sung it in the film. I used to love that film and thought all the characters were so cool, and so loved this song as well.

I Useta Love Her - The Saw Doctors

My family on my Dad's side is Irish, and so there was always Irish music played growing up. This is one that I used to love because it felt upbeat and fun to listen to. This is definitely one of the first Irish songs I remember listening to, and still love to listen now.

As you can see, I definitely listened to a good mix of songs growing up haha! Like I said, we have quite a big family and so there was always lots of different music being played as I was growing up.

Let me know in the comments; what are your favourite songs from your childhood?


  1. Great post. I used to listen to some of these songs too when I was growing up. All the memories!!!


    1. Thank you! They are such throwbacks. I loved writing this post for the memories haha!


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