My Spring To-Do List

My Spring To-Do List

YAY to Spring. I am so happy that it is finally Spring – partly because my Birthday is in May but also because I just love the feeling of a fresh start at this time of year. As the seasons change, there are little things that I have in my mind to do, and that is no different for this time of year. I wanted to jot down all the things I want to do to welcome in one of my fave seasons, however big or small in a blog post, so that is what I thought I would do today.

So, here is my Spring To Do list...

~ The Spring Clean (of course)
~ Spend Easter with the family
~ Buy a few house plants
~ Go on a bike ride
~ Celebrate my birthday (my 20th!!!)
~ Revision (unfortunately this is a must this spring)
~ Take the dogs to the beach
~ Learn some new recipes
~ Country walks with friends and family
~ Take more pictures, always

I am really looking forward to checking these different things off of my To-Do list and I am so excited that it is spring. It really is such a lovely month!

Let me know in the comments: What is on your Spring To-Do List?


  1. Nice list full of great activities. I should do the spring cleaning too. I did a little bit yesterday and it felt so great.


    1. Thank you, yes it definitely feels great to spring clean - I love it!

  2. This is such a nice balance of activities - some to-do's that must be done but also some fun and peaceful things <3

    1. Thank you so much, glad you like the list!


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