My Favourite Positive Accounts on Instagram

My Favourite Positive Accounts on Instagram

On social media, I believe we are in control of 3 things:

1. What we post
2. How long we spend on social media

If we can make all three of the above positive, then I think our online space can be a much nicer place to be. Today I wanted to focus on the latter (who we follow) and chat about some of my favourite positive Instagram accounts to follow. There are so many uplifting, positive and fun accounts out there, and I wanted to write down my recommendations in a blog post.

Emily Coxhead and The Happy Newspaper

@emilycoxhead and @thehappynewspaper
Emily Coxhead is the creator of The Happy Newspaper – a newspaper that shares positive news. Both of these accounts are reflective of that and I love to follow them. These accounts encourage positivity and I always love seeing their posts because they have a really ‘feel-good’ message behind them.

Liza Koshy

I love to follow Liza on Instagram because I feel as though she doesn’t take herself too seriously and likes to have fun with her account (especially her captions). Because Liza has fun with her posts, I find her account a really positive and lovely place to be and I love to see new post from her.

Zoe Sugg

Zoe Sugg is someone I have followed online for years – infact she was one of the first people I followed across most of my social media and I still follow her today. One of the many things I love about Zoe’s Instagram account is the conversations she starts in her captions. Her captions are often long and tend to end with a question, which makes for a really lovely discussion in the comment-section. Her account is lovely and another positive one to follow.

Poppy Deyes

Poppy Deyes has a lovely Instagram account. As well as loving the pictures she posts, one of my favourite parts of Poppy’s account is her Insta-Stories. Poppy often does a run-down of her day on her story, which I really enjoy because it feels like a reflection of her real life – something I love to see on Instagram. Poppy focuses on the positive on her Instagram and because of that I find her account a really lovely place to be. 

So, that is it for today’s post. Instagram can often get a bad name, and we can often feel pressure to follow lots of different accounts. But, I feel as though if we follow accounts that truly make us feel positive then this can really help our state of mind and the accounts I have mentioned are accounts that I really love and look forward to seeing posts from.

I would love to know in the comments: what are your favourite positive Instagram accounts to follow?

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