Music Monthly Favourites | March 2019

Music Monthly Favourites | March 2019

It’s that time again where I sit down at the end of the month to write down my music monthly favourites.
March has been a good month, I have finished Uni for Easter, celebrated my blogs 1st birthday, my Mums’ birthday and St Patricks Day. And through this month, which seems to have been quite busy looking back, I have come across new songs and listened to lots of different music. So, like always, I thought I would share them with you in a blog post.

Navajo – Massego

This is a song that I had heard before this month (I think from my brother), and I found myself listening to so much throughout March. It is so catchy and upbeat, and I really enjoy singing along to it in the car haha! This is a song I have listened to on repeat recently and out of all my monthly favourites has probably been played the most through March.

Mama, You’ve Been on My Mind – Jeff Buckley

I first came across this when Dana Williams did a cover of this Bob Dylan song. Dana Williams is one of my favourites, and so when I heard her cover I went on Spotify to see if it was on there to listen to. Unfortunately, Dana William’s cover wasn’t on Spotify, but I was able to find this version by Jeff Buckley – which I absolutely LOVE. His voice is perfect for this song and I find it a really relaxing song to listen to.

She’s Got a Way (Live at the Paradise, Boston, MA – June 1980) – Billy Joel

I have always loved Billy Joel’s songs and the sound of his voice, and so when my sister played this in the car on our way to visit my Nan I asked her straight away what the song was called. I find it so chilled and I really love the lyrics. It is such a sentimental and lovely song to listen to, and his voice sounds great – as per.

Into my Arms – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

I came across this song towards the end of the month. I was watching After Life the new Netflix series by Ricky Gervais, and this song was played in the background of a scene. Like always when I like the sound of a song in a programme, I quickly googled it and found that it was this song – which I really love. I like all of the song but in particular I love the lyrics to the first verse, I just think it is such a lovely song. 

To Know Him Is To Love Him (Live) – Amy Winehouse

This song is another very chilled song from this month – which generally seems to be the theme of music I have been listening to recently. Amy Winehouse was one of the best singers; her voice was so unique and the tone of it was so lovely. This is a song that I hadn’t come across before but have absolutely loved this month. I think it is a cover, and Amy Winehouse covers it SO well – I really love this song at the moment.

I think I will stop there for this month – because otherwise the list would be very long. Like I have said, I have listened to a lot of chilled music this month and have really enjoyed a more relaxed vibe recently – especially towards the end of March.

Let me know in the comments: what music have you been loving recently?


  1. I didn't know any of these songs so thank you for new inspiration.


    1. That's great, let me know what you think of them!!


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