Happy 1st Birthday to my Blog

Happy 1st Birthday to my Blog

I honestly can’t believe that it is my blogs 1st birthday – this is such an exciting day! I literally remember the day I set my blog live so well. A year ago today I was sitting in the living room, with about 8 blog posts written, excited but nervous at the thought of posting them and starting my blog. I spoke to my Mum and Dad and we came to the conclusion of; what am I waiting for? That is when I uploaded my first few blog posts and since then I haven’t stopped.

I had wanted to start a blog since I was 13, and I remember, despite being a little nervous, also being quite proud of myself for finally launching a blog and it was such an exciting moment for me. The only people who knew at first were my family and 1 or 2 friends, and it was something I kept to myself and these people for quite a while. Now, everyone who knows me knows that I have a blog and they have all be so supportive.

Amongst many things, having a blog has highlighted to me that I have the most lovely and supportive family and friends and that I am so grateful to have them around me. My uni friends that I only met last September have completely embraced my blogging, and even come out to take pictures with me for my posts. My friends from school and home have also been so supportive – reading my posts and watching my videos - and I really appreciate them all. My family have been the most supportive people ever. My parents often help me with my content ideas and are always so positive about my blog, my brother and sister are so encouraging and have even appeared in posts and videos, and my wider family are happy I have found something I love to do. I am so grateful for all of these people and I really appreciate how supportive they are.

I also wanted to say that I am so appreciative of anyone who follows my blog, has read a post or watched one of my YouTube videos. The support is so lovely and the community I have found this past year in the blogging world is amazing.

So, one year on and I am still absolutely loving blogging. It is a hobby of mine that I am so passionate about and am SO glad I started. I would 100% encourage anyone who is considering starting a blog or something else creative to go for it, because I am so glad that I took the step to start my blog a year ago today. This past year has been so much fun for me and that has a lot to do with my blogging. I have found a creative outlet that I enjoy so much, and I feel as though it has given me more confidence in not being afraid to try new things and be myself.

So, Happy 1st Birthday to my blog! This is such an exciting day for me and I am looking forward to carrying on writing and creating content as time goes on.


  1. Happy 1st blogging birthday!! That's amazing!! Keep going and enjoy every minute of it!



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