My New Approach To Instagram

My New Approach To Instagram

Instagram can be such a fun place. I love being creative with pictures, finding new places to practice photography and compiling my own personal feed. Recently, however, I have decided to take on a slightly new approach to Instagram. I thought I’d discuss it in this blog post, because I am quite excited about making my Instagram a more positive place. Not that it was particularly negative, but it wasn’t necessarily reflective of my personality. 

Recently, Zoe Sugg posted an Instagram picture, with a long caption (my fave!). As always, I set to reading it, and found it completely inspiring. I will leave a screenshot below, but the essential message was to have more fun with Instagram, not take it too seriously and put the ‘insta’ (i.e. instant) back into Instagram. I loved the overall message of this post. That afternoon, I had planned to take some blog/ Instagram pictures with my friend, and I found I approached this shoot completely differently to the last time we went out to take photos. I had more fun with it and aimed to put my personality back into my posts.

After reading Zoe’s post, I went to my Instagram, and found that whilst I didn’t necessarily hate any of my pictures, my personality didn’t shine through. If someone didn’t read my blog, or watch my YouTube videos, they wouldn’t get any sense of who I was from my Instagram. I thought to myself; ‘I want to inject some fun into my insta feed and enjoy taking pre-planned pictures, as well as taking more spontaneous ones too’. So, this is essentially my aim.

I want my Instagram page to be a positive and happy space for people to come to. I think that, on social media, there are 3 things we can control;
  1. Who we follow
  2. How much time we spend on social media
And the latter has become very important to me. I am completely in control over what I post to my Instagram. And so, my aim is to make sure that my posts are more fun, and my feed is full of pictures I have really enjoyed taking.

This then became reflective of my afternoon photoshoot with my friend. I had more fun taking the pictures, which not only made me enjoy the day even more, but also made me like the photos more – because they reminded me of a fun day out.

So, I really want to have more fun with my Instagram. I want to not take it too seriously and really enjoy taking pictures.  I am really grateful I saw Zoe's Instagram, because it has really helped with my outlook and approach to Instagram. I would love my photos to be more reflective of me, which will mean I can take more spontaneous pictures out and about, without trying to make them look a certain way or match a certain theme. I hope this makes my Instagram a more positive place to be, with no pressure and more fun.

I would love for you to leave you Instagram’s in the comments so that I can follow and support you!

My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eve_martha_/

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