How I Plan Blog Content

How I Plan Blog Content

The planning process of blogging is one of my favourites. Setting aside time to specifically sit and plan new posts is so satisfying. Making sure all my content is planned means I can focus on writing and pictures and put all my energy into making my content something I am happy with. I tend to plan a month in advance and at the end of each month I really look forward to sitting down and having a content planning session. This always makes me feel motivated and refreshed, and after having done it many times, I thought I would share how I go about planning blog content.

• Inspiration •

The first thing I like to do is look for inspiration. This is something that can happen all the way through the month. It can be great to take a little notepad with me wherever I go, and whenever I get inspiration for an idea, jot it down in my notebook. The ‘Notes’ section on my phone is another place I do this. This means that my notes are something I can refer to first in my content planning session to see if it gives me any ideas. As well as this, I like to get inspiration from other people’s content. There are so many inspirational people blogging and creating online content, so having a search around other’s content is a great way to get inspired for ideas and to feel motivated. Also, Pinterest is always a place I refer back to for inspiration because it is one of my favourite apps. Finally, I always look through my copies of Blogosphere Magazine. This magazine is something I love to look through for blog post ideas because there are so many content creators in the magazine and flicking through each page always makes me feel inspired. I would 100% recommend having Blogosphere Magazine next to you in your content planning sessions – I never sit down without it.

• Old Content •

The second step of my content planning session is to look back through my old content. I like to see what blog posts I have made before, and how I can put new spins on older posts. Also, getting inspired from ourselves is something that we don’t necessarily do enough, and looking back through our old content is a good way of doing this. Considering potential to update certain posts, seeing themes in older content and looking at my photographs allows another way for me to come up with new content ideas. I would really recommend this as a good starting point for planning new content. As well as looking through old content, looking to comments left by those who read posts is really helpful in seeing what people enjoy hearing you speak about and can be another way of gaining new blog post ideas.

• Mind Map •

Whilst I am looking to places of inspiration, I like to make several mind-maps. I take each category of my blog (Lifestyle, Thoughts, Music, Food and Beauty) and make a mind-map for each. I essentially have a ‘brain dump’ of ideas for each section of my blog, which really helps me to not only have all my ideas down on paper, but also ensure that I have an equal amount of ideas for each category of my blog. Mind-maps are some of my favourite ways to plan, and I love making all my ideas visible. I also like to make these mind-maps colourful and fun, because it adds to one of my favourite sections of planning and is another way to make me feel more motivated and inspired.

• Schedule •

Next comes the specifics. I make a calendar on PowerPoint and put down when I want to upload each blog post. This allows me to have a set schedule to work to and visibly see a clear plan. As well as this, I plan specific pictures for each blog post and schedule in when I will write each post, as well as when I will take the pictures. Having everything clearly written down allows me to plan blogging around whatever else might be happening that month, which I love to make sure I can do in advance.

So, that is how I plan my blog posts. I like to do this every month and schedule in a blog planning session because it helps me be more organised. I really love having content planned and knowing how my blog will be month-by-month.

I would love to know in the comments: how do you plan your blog content?


  1. I love the idea of the mind map! I think it’s something I should do just to throw out a load of ideas and then prepare them into actual posts. I need to improve how I plan out my content, as it’s so disorganised at the moment it’s ridiculous.

    Great post!

    Jess xxx || http://littlepinkduckblog.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Thank you! I find mind-maps so helpful - and yes its definitely great to get ideas from your mind down on paper to see visually. Thank you for reading xxx


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