New Year's Resolutions For 2019

New Year's Resolutions For 2019

I always really like the start of a new year. It gives us all a chance to have a fresh start, reflect on the year we’ve just had and make new plans for the year ahead. Like most people, new year’s resolutions are always a conversation around the end of the year, and so this year I wanted to write a blog post and take time to think through what I want for 2019 (that looks so weird to type haha). So, here are my New Year’s Resolutions for this year…

• Take things in stride •

What I mean by this is that if something doesn’t go 100% to plan, this year I don’t want to dwell on that. I want to move with things that happen this year and take them in stride. This way, I can be overall more relaxed and not focus on the negatives, instead focus on the potential positive outcomes and lessens from things that don’t go how I planned.

• Have fun and be positive •

In 2018, whilst I did have fun at times and was positive, I started the year being very unsure about where I was going (uni or no uni). This year, I am happy to say that I am more confident in myself and my plan – I am at uni, blogging and creating YouTube videos. Because I have more of a sense of direction, I want to enjoy that and be positive about it and everything around my year – I want to have fun!

• Continue Blogging and YouTube •

One of my favourite things to do is to blog and make videos. In 2019, I want to continuing doing both of those things and learn more about them. I feel as though I have found a hobby that I am so passionate about and love. It allows me to discuss important things, have fun and be creative. I want to continue doing that this coming year.

• Speak more about mental health •

As you will know if you follow my blog/ YouTube channel, I have recently introduced a section on my blog – Thoughts– and on my YouTube channel – Take Time– where I talk about mental health. I want these to grow in 2019, in the hope of educating myself more, raising awareness and most importantly help someone.

That’s it for me 2019 New Year’s Resolutions. I didn’t want to make too many resolutions, because I think having my focus on a few rather than loads will be not only more manageable for me but mean I can put my energy into making each one of those resolutions continue throughout the year. I am looking forward to reflecting on my resolutions and seeing where I am at this time next year.

Let me know in the comments: what are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2019?


  1. These are all great resolutions! I've just come across your blog so I can't wait to see what you get up to in 2019 :) x



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