My Goals For December 2018

My Goals For December 2018

December is one of if not my favourite month of the year. I love so much about this month and always really look forward to it every year! If you have been reading my blog since last month, you will know I have started to write monthly goals for myself on my blog. I think it will just be a nice way of looking back at the months and seeing what I wanted to achieve compared to what I did – however big or small my goals were. So, because it is the start of the month, it is time to sit down and write my goals for the month ahead.

• Upload 3 times a week on my blog •

Before I started University, I used to upload 3 times a week every week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Because I didn’t have as much time after having started uni, I realistically had to lessen this to twice a week. But, I have no university in December!! So, I am going to go back to uploading more over this month. I am so excited about this because, like I’ve said, I love this time of year, and so am really looking forward to blogging all about it.

• Vlogmas •

Now, this is a bit of a vague goal haha, because I don’t know exactly how I am going to do Vlogmas – whether it be in weekly videos, every few days or daily. I think my aim is to just film whatever I fancy filming over December and just gradually put out my videos over the month. I think this way it will mean I have most of my favourite moments documented and it will be a more relaxed approach to Vlogmas. I have always loved watching Vlogmas, so I am excited to vlog more over December.

• Spend lots of time with friends and family •

This is my favourite thing to do in December. Another reason I love this month is because I think it gives everyone an excuse to see more of loved ones and do fun things. My friends don’t get back home from uni until mid-December, but after that I am going to spend lots of time with them. Also, a few of my friends from Uni don’t live too far away, so will be nice to see them this month. I love spending time with my family, and so I am for sure going to see as much of them as I can this time of year. I am actually spending Christmas this year in Wales with some family, which will be so lovely.

• Go ‘out and about’ more •

I didn’t really know what to call this goal because I need to explain it a bit more haha. I basically mean that when I am writing blog content or planning anything for YouTube/blog, I tend to stay at home in my PJ’s and sit on the sofa to plan. Whilst this is obviously a nice way to spend my day, I want to start going out and about more on my own to write. This goal is actually starting today – I am currently sat in a café with a cup of tea and a brownie (which is one of the best brownies ever by the way haha) whilst I am writing this post. I am really glad that I have gone out to do this because I love being around the ‘hustle and bustle’ of town and find it more inspiring to go out and write.

So, that is it – my little goals for December. I don’t have too many goals this month because I think December is a time for relaxing, having fun and spending time with friends and family – so that is what I intend to do.

I would love to know in the comments: What are your goals for December 2018?

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