Be Here Now, Be Present

Be Here Now, Be Present

Sometimes, I can find myself looking to the next thing. Not necessarily in a negative way, I am just a ‘can’t wait’ person… ‘I can’t wait until Christmas’, ‘I can’t wait to finish these essays’, ‘I can’t wait to watch my fave programme tonight’. I just tend to see what is coming up and look forward to it. Whilst I think there is nothing wrong with having something put in the diary to get excited about, I do think it can sometimes detract from the current situation I am in.

Over the past few weeks, maybe even just days, I have made a real effort to live in the moment, and only look to what is next at the end of a day, or when I am on my own. This way I can completely be in the moment that I am enjoying, whilst also giving myself time to plan ahead. I have noticed such a difference in my state of mind. I have found myself more present and taking account of moments that I spend with people I love being around. I don’t think I quite realised how ‘not-present’ I was – not that previously I didn’t enjoy moments that I was living, but just that I was sometimes talking about upcoming events, thinking about other things or (and I think we are all guilty of the next one) being on my phone…

My phone honestly has a lot to do with my new outlook. I think social media, whilst having the potential and sometimes being a positive platform, often allows us to make comparisons. This way you are always looking for something else; that car, their holiday, those shoes – whatever it might be. I also updated my phone recently, and a new feature allowed me to see my daily usage and let’s just say it shocked me. I can’t believe how much I pick up my phone in a day, for no real reason other than scrolling. I don’t want this to be a ‘social media is bad and only bad’ blog post because there are some sections of social media that I absolutely love. People make me laugh on Twitter, Pinterest gives me inspiration and Insta-stories are a new love of mine. But, that doesn’t mean I should ignore the fact that I can spend too long on social media – something that definitely needs to change.

In general, I just want to be more present, and spend less time endlessly scrolling, comparing and looking for how to obtain what others have. It is so important to be content with where you are whilst working for a goal. This is something I have definitely learnt over my university essays. Whilst doing my essays, I got frustrated with the fact I had to write them, rather than understanding they are part of a bigger goal – a degree. If I had realised this at the time, I could have been calmer and had more fun around the time of writing the essays. It is so important to not get down because I have not reached a goal right at this moment. Working towards things takes time and that’s okay, and often the time is takes can be as fun as the goal itself. Thinking about school, my aim was to get my A Levels, but the actually journey to get to my results (a.k.a school) was so much fun and I made some great friends there. It’s okay not to be where you want to be right now, it just means you have more time to enjoy the process of getting there.

Essentially, I am aiming (in the words of Oasis) to ‘BE HERE NOW’, appreciate what is around me more and – as a bit of an addition – spend less time on my phone. There are a few ways I intend to do this, and so I thought I would write them out, in the hopes that it will help some others who might have felt the same as me:

I think it was Khloe Kardashian who said in an interview that she makes a mental-list at the start of a day to make note of what she is grateful for. I think this is such a lovely and beneficial idea. Whether it be a mental-list or physically making note of what you a thankful for – however big or small – reflecting on what makes you happy before you start your day means that you will be in a more positive state of mind and in no rush to get somewhere else. Love where you are now.

See the good
I think in a modern world of drama channels, negative news and dividing opinions, some can have the tendency to see negativity around them, and not take note of the good. A film that I would 100% recommend that pushes the message of optimism and appreciating the good is About Time – also one of my all-time favourite films! Every time I watch that film, it makes me feel so positive and appreciative of what is around me – you NEED to watch it!

Other hobbies
I am going to take up other hobbies, to fill the time I would usually spend scrolling. My friends Tansi and Izzy will know that I am wanting to read more (we spent part of an evening roaming around Waterstones last week). I have always wanted to be someone who reads, I think there is something so calm about sitting down in the peace and quiet with a good book to read. I have added a few books to my Christmas list this year and am currently starting to read A Keeper by Graham Norton. I think it will be a lot better for my mind than scrolling.

Side note – I am not saying I will never go on social media, like I’ve said there are some aspects of it I love, but I just want to spend less time on my phone. I currently spend way too much time scrolling. 

I am also hoping to exercise a bit more because not only is that good for my mind, but I want to get a bit healthier as well.

The man point of this blog post is to encourage people, including myself, to be more present and not take small moments for granted by being in search of only the big ‘Instagramable moments’. There is a lot of good around us in life and I think it’s important to be present for it. It is more than okay to have big goals in life (infact it’s great to have something to work for), but don’t allow yourself to miss out on things happening around you by only having your focus on that goal.


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