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Looking back at 2018, there was a lot to the year. I wanted to write a post, in the hopes of doing a similar post every year, reflecting on my year and seeing where I was at the start compared to where I am now. I also wanted to add all my favourite 2018 pictures into one place, so that I can look back at these posts as snippet diaries. So, that is what I am going to do today.  I hope you enjoy this post and have had a great 2018.

I started my year going into the second half of my gap year. I was still undecided about what I wanted to do with the near future, working in a nearby cafe with most of my friends being away at uni. My aim for the year was to firstly start a blog/ YouTube channel and secondly decide what I wanted to do; in other words uni or no uni. I was definitely uncertain at the start of this year and also a little frustrated that I didn't know where I was headed or what I wanted to do.

I thought I would do a run-down of my year, month by month to show you how my year went and where I am now compared to where I was at the start of the year.

J A N U A R Y 
New Year Eve this year was spent with my friends, and so I woke up in the morning surrounded by some of my favourite people the morning of 1st January after having hosted my first NYE party. In January, I was loving Gilmore Girls (for the 2nd time) and reading a new book my cousin recommended, Material Girl, Mystical World  by Ruby Warrington. We also celebrated my Nan's 80th Birthday all together as a family.  I also spent many a cosy night watching YouTube and many a day working at a local cafe. 

F E B R U A R Y 
I started February, like I always do, celebrating my Dad's birthday. February was also a month of snow - it snowed so much! Which I have to say I rather enjoyed, I absolutely love snow and winter weather. Pancake day, surprise surprise, was spent eating lots of pancakes - my Mum makes the BEST! Valentines day this year was spent with my family, my mum made a meal and decorated the table and we had a lovely meal. I also had saved up for my laptop this month, which was a big moment in terms of looking to start my blog. The Crown was my absolute obsession through February - love that programme!! I also decided to apply to University this month, which was a really big step for me.

M A R C H 
March was a very special month because I finally started something I had wanted to do for years. I started my blog on 12th March 2018 and it was one of the best things I have ever done. Blogging is 100% one of my all time favourite things, I love everything about it; planning, writing taking pictures, ALL of it. Stanley (my dog) turned 2 years old this month. I also spent a night in Derbyshire with my family which was lovely. We made Mother's Day special this year by making a full dinner and decorating the house. I visited Durham with my Mum, saw 'The Seven Drunken Nights' on stage and got on a flight (for the first time in 4 years) with my sister to visit my brother in San Sebastian, Spain - a place I absolutely LOVED. I ended the month in Wales with family to celebrate Easter. March was one of my favourite months.

A P R I L 
I travelled back from Wales as this month began. In April, I continued to blog, learning more as I went along. The weather was lovely this month, so there were many days spent in the garden with the dogs. I baked more, tried new recipes and watched more YouTube. April was a relaxing month. My friend Tamsin also came back from her Ski Season this month, which meant I could see more of her again which was lovely!

M A Y 
My birthday month! May was full of even more warm weather, BBQs and seeing friends in the sun. My birthday this month was so much fun. My family has planned a day and hadn't told me anything about it. The day started with my Nan surprising me (which was so lovely), then we headed down to the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds to watch Sunshine On Leith (one of my favourite films) on stage. It was amazing - one of my favourite days! We ended the day at an Italian restaurant, which was delicious. My friend Hannah got me a lovely basket of all my favourite things for my birthday, which was fab! I also celebrated (like most did) the Royal wedding of Harry and Meghan this month, which was the most lovely day - I LOVE the Royals!

On 6th June I started my YouTube Channel - something I had wanted to do for years, literally 6 years since I was 13. I am so happy that I started my channel. Like my blog, it is one of my favourite things to do and I absolutely love everything about making YouTube videos. My brother also came home from living in Spain for a year. We flew to Tuscany which was so a gorgeous place and a fun trip - Italy is a place I want to visit so much more! I filmed more videos, watched Love Island and supported England in the World Cup with my friends. June was a great month for everyone and I think that had a lot to do with the football. I also told my friends about my Blog and YouTube channel, which was one of my favourite days!

I started July watching more football, and celebrating England's amazing win against Columbia with all my friends. We went to an open screen in York and watched with what felt like the best part of everyone in the city in one space. My brother was also there with his friends and it was such a fun day - people were singing in the street as everyone was leaving the bars and places they were watching the match - SO MUCH FUN. I went to York races this month which was lovely and the weather was SO warm. I also had one of my all time favourite days ever when I visited Blogosphere Magazine to be a part of their 'Meeting the Subscribers' series. I loved my day and everyone as Blogosphere were so lovely and made me feel so welcome - thank you! I also went to Ireland this month, one of my favourite places to be, with my family. I have lots of Irish family and so I always love being there. I went to watch a football match with my Dad and brother, filmed more videos, wrote more blog posts and started my public Instagram. July was full of such fun times with friends and family.

I worked more this month at the cafe, to earn more money to start university in September. I went on dog walks and had country pub lunches, met friends through the summer and carried on writing more blog posts an making more videos. My brother's friend came to visit for a week from Germany towards the end of the month, and made us all a delicious dinner one night! This month was really lovely, seeing friends who were home from Uni was so lovely and August was overall just a really lovely time.

My cousins came up from Wales to visit us at the start of the month for a night, it was, as ever, lovely to see them. I also celebrated 6 months of blogging which was so exciting for me. Taking note of little goals like that over on my blog is so lovely to be able to do, I was really excited about that! I also hosted my first ever twitter chat in September for @GRLPOWRCHAT which I really enjoyed! Then, in pretty big news, I started university towards the end of this month. This was a big step because it took me AGES to decide to go to uni at all, and so I was pretty proud of myself for taking the step to go. It was quite nerve-wracking but I am happy I decided to go as a commuting student. I also watched some boxing on TV and visited mu brother with my Mum and Dad in Leith, Scotland towards the end of the month. I loved that trip so much!

This month I did Vlogtober, which was my first time vlogging on my YouTube channel, and I really enjoyed it. I went to Manchester to watch Zoe Sugg talk about her new book Cordially invited. I really enjoyed this and it was one of my favourite things of this year. It was so inspiring and I've done a whole blog post which you can find here. I spent most of this month getting into the routine of going to uni, doing seminar work and putting up videos/blog posts. The wedding of Princess Eugenie and jack Brooksbank also took place this month which I loved to watch. I went to Edinburgh with my brother and sister to watch Graham Norton speak about his new book and also to visit some friends in Sheffield to watch and Ice Hockey match towards the end of the month. I also wrote my 100th blog post! October was a month of getting used to my new routine of university.

November was a month of work. I had 4 essays to hand in at the end of the month and so was busy working on them. Around the work, I did a few fun things this month. All of my family came up for bonfire night this year which was so lovely, I went to my first ever university winter ball (which was so fun) and I went to watch the Courteeners in concert with Gerry Cinnamon as the support act - I vlogged this concert and it was honestly one of the best concerts I've ever been to. I also finished my first term of uni this month!

And finally we come to December. December has been a pretty chilled month. I finished my first term of uni in November and so was able to completely relax through December. I celebrated 6 month of being on YouTube this month which I was so happy about. My friend Tansi and I took some blog pictures out and about in York which was so much fun! Me and my Mum took my Granny out for her birthday to a lovely country pub, my Nan came to visit for a weekend and my brother came home from uni for Christmas. It has been quite a month of family, as December usually is. I have caught up with my friends who are home from university which was so lovely. I also started the Take Time section of my YouTube channel where I talk about all things mental health, and I am so excited to make more content for that this month and into the new year. As I am writing this, the month is not quite over (it is the 21st December), but I am going to Wales for Christmas to visit family and then celebrating the New Year with friends.

So, that is it, 2018 in a blog post. This year has been a year of finally starting things I had wanted to start for years - my blog and my YouTube channel - and figuring out what I wanted to do in terms of my near future. At the end of the year, I feel a lot more settled than I did at the start. I definitely don't have everything figured out but I am more happy and content with where I am at at the end of the year. I am really looking forward to 2019, and am hoping it is a year of being happy and having fun.

I really hope you have enjoyed 2018, and are looking forward to the New Year. I would love to know in the comments; What were your favourite moments of 2018?

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