My First University Essays | My Advice

My First University Essays | My Advice

I can’t believe I am sitting down to write this blog post, it is SUCH a relief that these essays are done and that I’m pretty much finished for Christmas! For those of you who do t know, I am studying sociology at university and am in my first year - so these were my first ever university assignments. With that being said, I thought it would be good to write a blog post all about my advice for people who might be doing the same.

To be honest, this is also for me next time I am writing essays haha. They can be stressful at times, but they don’t have to be as bad as you think. I had 4, 1000 Word essays due all on the same day, on completely different topics, with lots of reading needing to be done for each. But, after quite a few long hours haha, I have finished them. So, here is my advice from what I have learned throughout doing these essays.

• Plan First •

This is one that I think is key, especially with university essays. There was lots of reading to do and so making it was quite difficult to know where to put everything in the essay and more importantly how to get it down to 1000 words - which I’ve come to realise is actually a really small amount haha.

• Give Yourself Enough Time •

Time management is something that really makes essay writing less stressful. Just knowing that you have planned out your time and have more than enough time to get your essays done is very reassuring. I would also recommend planning to finish a few days before the assignment is due. This gives a bit of room for altering anything and making sure you are happy with the essay before you submit.

• Speak to People •

This seems like quite a straight forward piece of advice, but it’s something I’m going to push myself to do more of next time round. When I spoke to people - whether that be people in my class or tutors - I felt so reassured and more positive about my essays. It is great to chat things through with your friends and ask them how they are getting on too - helping each other through the stress of writing first essays is great!

• Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On •

With essays, because there is room to edit and improve them, which makes it difficult to have a final copy you are happy with. The main piece of advice I would give their is don’t put too much pressure on. As long as you have tried your best that is key and also the only way you’ll learn is through feedback, so don’t worry if it’s not perfect - someone will tell you what you might want to do next time!

• Have Something to Look Forward to •

This is great to not just see the long process of writing the essays as daunting. For me, my ‘something to look forward to’ has been the winter ball - a ball held by my uni to celebrate the end of the first term. Having this in my diary has meant that I can say ‘once I get these essays done, I have the winter ball to celebrate’. No matter how big or small your ‘something to look forward to’ is, it is great for seeing an end in sight and not getting to consumed in the essays. Also having things planned during writing time is also great because you have to remember to have fun and socialise as well as work!

• Relax • 
I believe it’s very important to have time to chill everyday, and it’s especially important in more stressful times. Whether it be walking the dogs, watching your favourite programme or having a bath, having moments in your day to completely relax is key!

So, that is everything I have learnt and would advise from having written my first essays. If you are writing them now, good luck!

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