My Calm Spaces

My Calm Spaces

Having had essays to write over the past few weeks, I think that having somewhere that is relaxing to go to have a break from work is really important. I love having a chill few spaces and it’s really important to take time out in everyday life, especially when something stressful might be happening – like these essays! So, I thought I would share some of my favourite calm spaces in hopes that it would give an encouraging push to whoever might be reading this to take a bit of me-time.

• Sunsets and Fresh Air •

This one is probably one of my top favourites. Getting out in the fresh air is always so refreshing and I always come back to whatever I was doing before with a clearer mind. Since forever, sunsets are one of my favourite things. I absolutely love watching the sun go down and find it so relaxing. Being outside in the day or watching the sunset at night is definitely a place I feel most calm.

• My Home •

I love being in a familiar space and I feel completely comfortable in my home. I find it so relaxing because I know where everything is and so I know how best to make my surroundings calm; whether that’s having a bath, lighting some candles or putting on my favourite comfy PJs. I just love being at home and the rooms I find most relaxing are definitely my bedroom and my living room!

• With People I Love •

Whether that is with family or with friends, I am never more relaxed than when I’m with people I know well and love. There are some people that you can just completely chill and be yourself with, and wherever I am, as long as I am with my friends and family, I am happy and calm. They are such great people and I love whenever they are around.

• Anywhere with a Cup of Tea or Music •

I think it’s nice to have things you can take with you anywhere that make you feel calmer. For me, I love having a cup of tea. There is something about tea that just chills me out haha and it’s nice to be able to have a tea anywhere. Also, music is so important for me to feel calm. Music can really help me to feel relaxed and I have an entire ‘chill’ playlist which means, whenever I am stressed, I just put my headphones in, press play and take a minute to relax. Having ‘portable’ calm spaces is ideal!

These are definitely my top calm spaces. Like I mentioned, it’s so important to take time out for yourself to relax, so having specific places or things for that is ideal.

I would love to know in the comments: Where are you calm spaces?

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