My 100th Blog Post

My 100th Blog Post

I was about to put up my October Music Monthly Favourites for this month (which will be up tomorrow instead), when I realised that this is my 100th Blog post – ahhh I’m so excited about it! I don’t know how I nearly missed the fact, but I can’t believe this is the 100th post I have put up on my blog. I feel like every little milestone on my blog is so exciting to me because I am so happy that I even started a blog in the first place, and so the fact that this is my 100th post is amazing! I always say it about my blog, but I am so happy to have found something that I absolutely love to do, and blogging has become a real hobby of mine – which I am so glad to have found.

To say it is my 100th post, I don’t necessarily have anything planned to write about or say, so this post has the potential to just be a ramble of my excitement, but one thing I know for sure I want to say is THANK YOU to anyone who has taken the time to read even just one of my posts. I am so grateful that people would read something I have written, and it is such a lovely feeling that someone might take something away from what I have said. I absolutely love the community I have found online through blogging, and the support other bloggers show to each other is fab! There is such an inclusivity in the part of the blogging world that I have come across, and I am so grateful for that. I am also thankful for everyone in my life (whether that be my family or friends) who have been so supportive throughout my time blogging; whether that be suggesting post ideas, texting me about videos/posts they have enjoyed or just chatting to me in general about my blog – thanks guys! Anyway… if I keep going this starts sounding like some award acceptance speech, so I am going to move on, but thanks again, I really mean it!

There are a few things I have learnt from blogging over the past 99 posts, and I wanted to share them in this one because at each milestone, I think it’s fun to recap what has led to this point;

1. Write about what you love/ are passionate about 
For me, this is key to enjoy blogging. It is definitely a cliché tip, but I really think it’s important. When I write about things I am passionate about – for example mental health – I always love the process of putting out the post and feel really satisfied with having written about something that means something to me.

2. Don’t be too strict with schedule
I have spoken about this in a previous blog post, but this is a lesson I have definitely learnt over the past month. When life gets busier, it is really hard to find time for things you love, and for me that is blogging. When I happen to miss an upload because of being really busy, I get so frustrated about it. But, I think it’s important to not be too strict with a schedule because otherwise there is a tendency to just put anything out (however good or not) so that an upload isn’t missed. Rather than doing this, I think it’s best to have a rough upload schedule but know it’s okay if a post goes up a little later than planned so that you are happier with an upload.

3. Don’t shy away from it
Again, I have spoken about this before, but it took me 3 months of blogging before I told my friends about it. Whilst that now seems silly because they have all been so supportive, at the time I was nervous to let many people know at all. I have made the decision now to not care about what people think and not shy away from talking about it.

I also want to mark on my 100th post the aims for my blog in the future, because I think it’ll be cool to look back on further down the line!

· Write more about mental health
This is a very specific aim, but it is one that I am so passionate about. I refer to mental health across a lot of my posts, even if I don’t explicitly mention it. I love when I am able to discuss various things around mental health, because I think that it is something really important that everyone should feel comfortable talking about; whether that be in a general conversation or discussing their own experience with mental health. I would love to talk more about mental health specifically because I want my blog to be a space where people can openly discuss mental health, just like I feel everywhere should be an open space in society.

· Keep changing and adapting
This is something that I struggled with at the start of my blog, but now I love changing things up on my blog whether that be the design, the topics I discuss or the layout of posts. It allows me to refresh and reset for my blog and that is something I love. Also, being able to change certain things around my blog means I can adapt to whatever I might be doing in my life at that moment which I love, because it means I can always blog no matter what is happening, which is a nice thought.

· YouTube
As you’ll know if you read my blog, I post ‘VIDEO POSTS’ here whenever I upload a YouTube video, and so my channel has become a key part of my blog. It makes everything feel as though it is ‘under the same roof’ which I love. So my aim with YouTube is essentially to keep doing it and to keep incorporating it as part of my blog, because alongside blogging, YouTube is one of my favourite hobbies and so I want to keep making videos just as I keep writing blog posts.

So, there we go, my 100th post. I am so excited to have got to my 100th post and thank you so much again if you have read my posts, whether that be one or all. THANK YOU!

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