Music Monthly Favourites | October 2018

Music Monthly Favourites | October 2018

I feel like I say this every time I do a music monthly favourites post, but I literally can’t believe that it is the end of October already. October was a really busy month for me because I started university this month which was quite a big change, did my first ever Vlogtober and had a few fun trips planned. Even though I was super busy this month, as always, I found quite a few songs and new busy that I have been loving listening to! So, here are my Music Monthly Favourites for October 2018.

• Nessun dorma! Vincerò – Luciano Pavarotti •

I know that this might sound like a bit of a random music favourite for me, but I was home alone one-night scrolling through YouTube this month, and I found myself watching loads of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ auditions. This song was sung on one of Simon’s golden buzzer acts and I loved it and fell into more videos of it being sung. I feel like by the end of October I’ve heard so many versions because I love it. I find it such an emotional song to listen to every time. My favourite version is by Luciano Pavarotti. It Is on Spotify, but here is a link to the video of him singing it;

• I Don’t Believe In Love •

If you have seen my Vlogtober videos, you will know I have been watching ‘Elite’ on Netflix. If you haven’t watched that, I would 10/10 recommend, such a good programme. Anyway, this song was played over a scene, and I loved it. It might be because it was a scene between two of my fave characters in it, but I found out what song it was and haven’t stopped listening to it. I LOVE it – it’s such a chilled song.

• Easy Life •

Easy Life was a band I came across because my friends recommended them to me – thanks G! So many of my songs in music monthly favourites in the past have been suggested by G. I always love being recommended music, especially from G because she has such a similar taste in music to me, and this band are fab! The two songs I would recommend are ‘OJPLand Frank’. Such good music!

• Growin’ Up (Live at the Roxy Theatre, Dublin, Ireland) – Bruce Springsteen •

This is a song that ironically I heard a lot growing up, I have listened to this song at many family parties over the years, but recently I have found a new love for it. I like that it starts of relatively slow with Bruce singing and then the band join in later on, I just love the style of this song. It is quite upbeat, and I love it because it reminds me of family.

• Resentment – Beyoncé •

I have always loved this song. I first came across it when I saw a live version on YouTube of Beyoncé singing it and I thought it was such an amazing performance. I think I could potentially prefer the live version to the recorded version, but both are fab. I feel like it’s quite an emotional song, but I absolutely love it. I will leave the live version here:

• Apple Jack – Dolly Parton •

This is quite a random song for me to have come across, and the way I found it was also a bit random haha. I was having some apple juice and my Dad (who had a very eclectic taste in music) started to sing this song. My Dad, a lot like my Mum, seems to have a song for everything haha. So, I went away and listened to it and it’s so catchy that it’s been in my head quite a lot this month!

• Please Notice – Christian Akridge •

This is one of those very rare occasions where I don’t know how I came across this song. I am pretty sure it was suggested to me on Spotify but honestly couldn’t say for sure, which is very unlike me. But regardless, I really like this song. It is a really sweet and chilled song and Christian Akridge’s voice sounds so good on it!

• No Other Way – Paolo Nutini •

This song has always been a favourite of mine, infact the whole ‘Sunny Side Up’ album is so good, if you haven’t listened to it all definitely do!! But this song is one that I have loved this month and keep listening to. Paolo Nutini’s voice just sounds amazing on this song and I love the tone to his music as a whole. I will a video to this song being sung live that I really love here;

• Last Request (Acoustic) – Paolo Nutini •

As you’ve probably guessed so far in this blog post, a lot of the music I have been listening to is live videos online, and this is no different. There is a version of this song being performed at T In T Park that is honestly my favourite version I have ever heard. This song is such a classic, I feel like it would be hard to come across someone who hasn’t heard it. I really love this performed acoustically, and so I will leave that video here:

So, that is it for my music monthly favourites for October 2018. I would love to know (as always), what music have you been loving this month? Any Recommendations?

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