Freshers Week As A Commuting Student

Freshers Week As A Commuting Student

Fresher’s is set up to be exciting and fun, a time for meeting new people and finding new interests. Like everyone else, I had the opportunity to go to loads of different events and get into uni life, but as a commuting student it realistically had to be done differently. Before I started my week, I would have loved to read a post all about a commuter’s first week at university and their guide to fresher’s, so that is what I am going to write about today.

• Nights Out •

One of the reasons out of quite a few as to why I decided to live at home was because I am not the biggest ‘party animal’. I enjoy a night out but love a takeaway and a girl’s night as much (if not more haha)! Before I started university, my idea of freshers was a week-long party and so it felt like I couldn’t really get involved and there was a fear that I would miss out on the experience. But I am happy to say that there is so much to get involved with outside of the night-life that gives you a chance to meet people. Also, if you love a night-out and are worried that as a commuting student you might not be able to get involved, then do not worry! You can definitely get involved in whatever you want to, and I would recommend contacting your university as they might be able to pair you with a flat or give you advice for getting involved as a commuter. You are still a member of the university, even if you don’t live there.

• Group Chats •

This was a life-saver through fresher’s week, so joining group chats would be my number 1 piece of advice. For me, being involved in Facebook group chats was so helpful, especially as a commuting student. It is so easy to join pages linked to your university or ask to be added to the chats, and it is also really helpful. Everyone is so willing to help, and everyone wants to make friends, which made me feel more at ease when starting my fresher’s week. Two girls that I now spend most of my time with at university and who I now consider friends, I met on a group chat. Group chats are also great for commuting students, because you can find people to go to different events with, meaning you don’t feel as though you are going alone.

• Pre-Commuter Nerves •

As I have said, a lot of the talk of fresher’s week is about the fun you are going to have, and whilst that is very true, I think it is important to discuss and ease the nerves around the first week. Obviously starting uni, there are a few things out of your comfort zone; whether that be meeting new people, joining clubs or starting lectures. I just want to reassure you and say that I had all of these nerves and I can 100% tell you that whilst it is nerve-wracking, it is possible and by being yourself and shaping your university experience to how you want it to be, university can be a place you enjoy and thrive. Don’t put too much pressure on making friends in the first week or having everything sorted straight away. It takes time to get used to a new place, so don’t be discouraged if you struggle in your first week.

So, that is it for today’s blog post. I enjoyed my fresher’s week, and I glad that I shaped it to suit myself - I did what I wanted to and made the experience fit for me. And that would be my main piece of advice. Do what is right for you and know that being a commuting student doesn’t mean you can’t get fully involved in student life.

I also vlogged my first week of lectures over on my YouTube channel, so if you are interested in the first week of study, I will leave that video here:

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