'An Evening With Zoe Sugg' - Cordially Invited Event

'An Evening With Zoe Sugg' - Cordially Invited Event

On Saturday, I had the loveliest evening – I went to the ‘An Evening With Zoe Sugg’ event for her new book ‘Cordially Invited’. Zoe was being interviewed by Emma Gannon, who’s book I also love, and so last night was such an exciting one. If you have read previous blog posts or watched a few videos on my YouTube channel, you will know that I really admire Zoe and have done for such a long time. Getting tickets for the event and being able to see her in person speak about something she is so passionate about was such a wonderful experience, and I am so happy I was able to attend.

• The Atmosphere •

I knew the event was going to be brilliant even before it began because of the atmosphere. It was so warm and welcoming, everyone was there for the same positive reason and with a common interest. I met a lovely girl at the event called Ella, and if it hadn’t been for the inclusive atmosphere of the event, I don’t think we would have gotten to speaking. Everyone was so excited and genuinely happy to be there, and I think that set the stage for a lovely night. Throughout the night, you felt as though you were really involved and appreciated as an audience. Half way through, everyone was trying to get Joe Sugg’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ performance up on their phones and on a laptop so that we could all watch it together. In the end, it led to quite a funny part of the night and a few members of the audience were involved in that. There was little separation between us (the audience) and Zoe and Emma, which made for such a brilliant atmosphere on the night. At the start of the evening we were told that a photo-opportunity between Emma and Zoe would be available at the end, which I loved because it meant no-one was worrying about taking pictures throughout and were completely in the moment.

• Zoe Sugg •

I have spoken quite a few times now about how Zoe is someone I look up to, I have written a blog post ‘My Thank You Letter To Zoella a few months ago where I speak all about that. So, there was little surprise that I was really looking forward to the evening, and no part of me was let down whatsoever. Zoe came across as such a lovely person, she was so interesting to listen to. She was funny, insightful and had such intelligence about what she was discussing that I was really inspired by her. It was actually quite a strange feeling being able to watch someone I had looked up to since I was 13 being interviewed right in front of me. I really enjoyed the whole experience and Zoe’s inclusivity and warmth just made the evening so happy and calm. You really felt like you were in a conversation with Zoe, even though there was loads of people in the audience. I can’t speak highly enough of the event and Zoe herself, she was such an inspiration to listen to as well as being funny, happy and uplifting. The whole event just gave me another reason to look up to her and I am so happy that I was able to go and experience the evening.

• Emma Gannon •

As I have said, Emma Gannon was the interviewer on the evening, and she was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her questions and I also have her book ‘The Multi-Hyphen Method’ at home, which made the fact that she was the interviewer really exciting. Emma’s questions were so good, I loved that she asked questions in a way that I’ve never heard Zoe been asked them before. I thought her questions gave a different insight and perspective when answered and I thought she was such a perfect interviewer. Emma was also a friend of Zoe’s (Zoe had appeared on her podcast 'Ctrl Alt Delete' before), and so the dynamic of their friendship was really lovely to watch and also added more to the atmosphere of the evening. Emma came across as such an intelligent and insightful person, and I really thought that she led the interview so well!

• Business •

One thing that I was so happy was spoken about on the evening was Zoe Sugg as a business woman. I have really enjoyed this year’s more business-style vlogs, and so was really glad that business was a topic that was discussed. Both Emma and Zoe are strong business women, and so for one business women to be asking another business-related questions was really interesting. I can honestly say I left the event feeling completely motivated and inspired by Zoe and how she has made such a successful and positive business from her own determination and love for what she does. It was so insightful listening to her speak about the business side of things, whether that be growing her team or how she started out. I am so glad this topic was covered because it really did interest me and I left feeling so encouraged. It made me realise that you can be ambitious in life and I think that this was a really cool thing to be able to come away with at the end of the event.


I really wanted to write this post to thank everyone who was involved in the event. All of Zoe’s team, Emma Gannon and Zoe herself made the event such a lovely evening and I am so appreciative of that. I don’t think I have come away from an event before where I have not only truly enjoyed every moment, but left feeling so inspired and happy that I attended. So, thank you to everyone involved for creating such a cool, uplifting event that allowed young women like myself to hear Zoe speak about business, life and everything in-between. I had such a lovely time and the event was so warm, funny and inspirational. Thank you so much!

Anyone who was also able to attend the event, I would love to know in the comments what your favourite parts were and how you found the event itself?

If you want to see the vlog where I went to the event, I will leave that here:

Cordially Invited:  https://cordially-invited.co.uk 

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