What's In My Night-Out Bag?

What's In My Night-Out Bag?

As I am writing this, I am about to go on a night out, which I’m really looking forward to. All my mates are out as well as loads of people from school and I can’t wait to see everyone and have a fun night. I am sorting out my outfit today (which is a task in itself haha), and a key part of that outfit is my night-out bag! I don’t keep too much in my bag, but I thought I would run down everything I like to have with me on a night-out.

First of all, my bag. It is nothing fancy at all, but it is really handy. I picked it up from Primark for something like £8, and I have got so much use out of it. I sometimes use it in the day as well, but it is the perfect size for a night-out!

• Purse •

An obvious one but it is key. My purse is pretty old now, I am looking to get a new one, but I like it because it goes well with my bag. In my purse, I just keep my ID, my bank card and some cash. I always prefer to have cash on me rather than spending on my card on a night-out because it’s easier to keep track of what your spending.

• Phone •

I always have my phone on me, especially on a night-out. I love taking pictures on a night-out with my friends and then swapping all our pictures on the group chat the morning after! Not only that, but having your phone is great if you get lost, need to find one of your friends or want to ring for a taxi!

• All The Lip Products and Powder •

I always take with me a lip balm, the lipstick I’m wearing that night and the lip liner I am wearing also. Out of all my make-up, my lipstick is the one that I always like to re-apply – in the day or on a night. For the same reason, I like to have powder with me on a night-out too!

• Spray/ Perfume •

With all the dancing haha, I think it’s good to have some perfume in your bag to freshen up. I feel like when I go to the toilets on the night out I always reapply lipstick and put some perfume on haha! And also, it’s nice to be able to have some spray with you should someone ask.

And that is literally it – everything I keep in my bag on a night-out. I like to keep what I put in my bag on a night-out to a minimum because I don’t want the weight of loads to carry through the night! Having a compact bag with everything you need is great for a night out.

I would love to know in the comments; what do you keep in your ‘night-out bag’?

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